How to Choose an Acumatica Partner: Step-by-Step

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You must choose an Acumatica partner you can trust to help your business thrive. The process for selecting an Acumatica partner is incredibly high stakes. Implementing Acumatica properly is crucial for success, as ERP solutions can drive positive organizational change..

Choosing an Acumatica partner doesn’t have to be difficult. This article will offer a step-by-step overview of what to consider when working with an Acumatica partner.

1. Understand Your Business Needs

When choosing Acumatica Value Added Resellers VAR partners, you must thoroughly understand your company’s needs. First, assessing your company’s unique requirements and objectives is crucial. Choosing an ERP system is a major decision that affects your company’s future. Assessing your needs is possible by asking the following questions:

  1. Do I need a third-party implementation partner?
  2. Can I afford the investment?
  3. Will my new system integrate with my existing software?
  4. Do I have the resources to handle ERP updates independently?
  5. What percentage of my staff works remotely?
  6. Where is my business headed in the upcoming years?

Choosing from a network of partners requires careful consideration of the specific functionalities and modules you need from your business management solution. Depending on your needs, some of the modules Acumatica offers might not be necessary. While helpful, Acumatica cloud based ERP solutions related to finance, customer relationship management (CRM), manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce, and more aren’t necessary for every business model. Identify what your company needs before selecting an Acumatica consultant.

2. Research Potential Acumatica VAR Partners

Identifying reputable technology partners is another vital step to understanding how to choose an Acumatica partner. Conducting thorough research will ensure you make a wise decision that benefits your business. When researching partners, explore their official channels and websites to gauge their capabilities and experience.

You should consult customer reviews and testimonials before selecting an Acumatica channel partner to understand how previous clients have benefited from a specific service. Partners with high customer satisfaction levels are more trustworthy than are providers with mixed or mediocre reviews.

Always evaluate a provider’s industry expertise, experience, and certifications. Some Acumatica partners will have more experience with specific industries than others. This means some will suit your business needs better than others. Intelligent Technologies serve the following industries:

  • Professional services
  • Financial services
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical technology
  • And more

Finally, consider the geographical coverage that a partner offers and their support availability. Checking these details ensures you choose a practical solution with a partner who will support you no matter what.

3. Evaluate Partner Services and Offerings

Knowing what an Acumatica partner offers requires a thorough assessment of the services provided by individual partners. Below are some crucial services and offerings to evaluate before choosing an Acumatica Cloud ERP partner:

Identify the Range of Services Provided

Not all valued Acumatica reselling (VAR) partners provide the same level of services. Choosing the right value-added reseller partner is crucial for the success of your Acumatica software solution. They will provide important services like implementation, customization, training, and support.

Partners like Intelligent Technologies provide the following crucial services:

Determine Industry-Specific Solutions

Identify whether an Acumatica partner provides industry-specific solutions relevant to your business. If a partner doesn’t prioritize your industry or have solutions specifically tailored to your needs, beware. They likely won’t have the solutions you’re looking for from your cloud-based ERP software.

Inquire About Integration Capabilities

Not all partners have the integration capabilities to integrate seamlessly into your other systems and applications. Consider whether specific partners have the expertise to handle any integrations with other software that you might need. This will go a long way to ensure that your migration goes smoothly and doesn’t cause too much of a disruption.

Consider Their Track Record

Before you choose Acumatica partners, determine whether they have a positive track record of successful Acumatica implementations. Your ERP solution might not meet your expectations if you neglect to read reviews and conduct due diligence.

Understand Their Training and Support

Before you choose a partner for your Acumatica solution, ask about their training and ongoing support options. This will help ensure the effectiveness of your solution.

Make sure to inquire about the training programs they offer. Also, ask about the support services they provide after the implementation of the solution. Choose a provider like Intelligent Technologies that provides constant support and Acumatica consulting services. This will help guarantee you get the most out of your ERP solution.

4. Final Decision and Implementation

When choosing an Acumatica services partner, combine all the research you gathered during the evaluation process to make a decision. Depending on your business requirements, some offerings might appeal to you more than others.

Always consider the pros and cons of different Acumatica partners before deciding. Consider system specifications, the services provided by different partners, and affordability constraints that might affect your decision.

Ultimately, you must decide based on your business needs, expertise, and partner compatibility. Consider a provider’s partnership with Acumatica as a vital to help your business to grow.


Choosing the right Acumatica partner is crucial to your company’s future success. Before deciding, identify your specific company needs, research potential partners, evaluate unique services and offerings, and move forward to your final decision.

Thoroughly researching and evaluating partners is essential to benefiting from Acumatica Cloud ERP. Options like Intelligent Technologies provide long-term benefits related to a successful partnership with an Acumatica consultant. Learn more about Intelligent Technologies for your Acumatica implementation and determine how to choose an ERP consultant today with Intelligent Technologies.

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