Software Demos

What is a software demo? 

Think of it as a guided tour of the software. It’s a great chance to see exactly what it looks like and how it works. So, you can envision how it would fit into your business before you buy. 

Why should I get a software demo? 

With so many business applications to choose from today, it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. Sure, you can read tons of great information put out by the publishers and vendors of each solution. But after a while, they can start to all sound the same. That’s when a demo can be extremely helpful. 

When is the best time to participate in software demo? 

The best time to take part in a software demo is when you have collected a short list of options you are genuinely interested in. And, you just aren’t sure which solution on your short list will be the best fit for your needs. As they say, “seeing is believing” and sometimes reading text and looking at images just can’t give you a real idea of what using the software every day will be like. 

We know that buying business applications is a big investment, in both time and money. And, we want to be sure that all our clients will be happy with their decision. So, if you’re on the fence at all, we recommend taking part in at least one software demo before you make your final choice. 

We offer complementary software demos of several of our products 

Use the links below to learn more and schedule yours. 

Acumatica Cloud ERP 

Founded in 2008, Acumatica has quickly become one of the most popular ERP options on the market today. Customers can choose from a wide variety of modules and industry specific versions to build the system that meets their needs. Plus, it’s the first ERP to break away from the industry standard of per user licensing. This makes it a good fit for small businesses looking for a system to support their aggressive growth plans. Or, medium-size companies who need a straightforward financial management system that will fit them for many years to come. 

Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP, formerly Great Plains is Microsoft’s first ERP offering. It delivers a solid financial and project accounting base. Thanks to its longevity, there are many partners who offer expert support and can tweak it to make it exactly what you need. Dynamics GP is a great fit for three types of businesses. One, those who are highly regulated or concerned about data security and wish to maintain full ownership over their information. Two, those who have very specific needs and are looking for an ERP which is highly flexible and customizable. And three, those who use other Microsoft tools and prefer to buy their technology from a single vendor.

Want to Learn More?

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