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How Much Does ERP Cost?

Compare the cost of replacing your existing system vs. keeping it.

We hear this question every day from people just like you who are wondering if it’s time to upgrade from basic accounting software or replace that outdated legacy system. No matter what system you’re using, if it‘s no longer serving you well, you have a choice to make:

  • You can move to a modern solution that will help you take advantage of the latest technology and fill in the holes where your current software is lacking.
  • You can keep your current system, postponing your move to a more modern solution.
    This is often not an easy decision. One of the first things people want to know is, “How much does ERP cost?”

To fully answer the question how much does ERP cost, you must consider much more than the software cost. The total cost includes these 4 factors:

The software license fees

Often referred to as annual maintenance fees, these can cost businesses up to 18% of the software’s original purchase price per year. That means you are paying to replace your software every 5 ½ years, even if you don’t update it at all. 

Infrastructure expenses

This is a big factor in the cost of running on premise solutions (those that you run on your own servers). With each new version comes a new set of system requirements and before you can install the latest software, you must make sure that your hardware is up to supporting it.

Implementation people costs

How much you will spend paying consultants and your internal IT team for their time to help you get your new system up and running.

Ongoing people costs

How much will you spend paying consultants and your internal IT team to keep your servers and other networking equipment running smoothly? Install software updates and bug fixes? Set up any customizations your business needs to use the software?

Compare the cost of investing in a new, modern system with the cost of doing nothing

Thanks to this helpful tool developed by Acumatica, you are five easy questions away from learning how much does ERP cost in comparison to keeping your existing system. Backed by the data it provides, you can be confident you’re making the smart decision for your business!