How to Choose an ERP Consultant:  Interview Checklist and Comparison Tool

Don’t let your ERP project be just another statistic. Learn how to choose an ERP consultant


Did you know, over 50% of software projects fail to meet expectations due to implementation issues, NOT the features and functions of the software itself. But this unfortunate fate can be avoided if you know how to choose an ERP consultant who’s the right fit for your project.

Think of choosing an ERP partner like selecting a general contractor to build your dream house. You can buy the most expensive and exotic materials, but it takes a skilled team to put it all together to achieve the desired result.

Since you can’t try out potential ERP partners with a free demo, like you can with the software, it can be hard to know how to choose an ERP consultant. So, to help, our experts put together an ERP partner interview checklist and comparison tool. Use it to go beyond surface questions to understand what separates one partner from another and who is best equipped to meet your business needs.

You’ll learn the four types of questions essential to a successful ERP partner interview:

  • Basic – Capture the key details of your ERP implementation project.
  • Expertise – Get at the heart of whether a potential partner has the know-how to make your implementation a success.
  • Culture – Shine a light on a potential partner’s business practices and give you a window into what they would be like to work with.
  • Expectation Setting – Ensure everyone is on the same page and set a strong foundation for your project success.

But as the title suggests, our ERP partner interview checklist and comparison tool, is more than just a list of questions, it’s a handy place to record each potential partner’s answers and take note of any other important details.

Fill it out during each interview (or immediately following) while the details of the conversation are still fresh in your mind. Then, at the end of the interview process, you will be able to see each partner’s answers side-by-side, unveiling who is the best overall fit for your ERP project.

How to choose an ERP consultant: ERP partner checklist