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Restaurants, hotels, and resorts are complex, diverse business made up of many moving parts. They face an extremely competitive environment where well informed customers have more choice than ever. In order to stay competitive, you need a tight grip on cost and access to accurate, actionable business intelligence. And, unless all of your cost centers and revenue sources are connected with another, this is impossible to achieve.

At Intelligent Technologies, Inc., we have extensive experience helping companies like yours succeed in the hospitality industry. The user friendly hotel and restaurant software solutions we offer can integrate with your existing systems and help you:

  • Improve communication between units.
  • Simplify and automate accounting practices; eliminate the need to have an accountant on staff at each location.
  • Provide unit managers real time access to cost information.
  • Enhance business intelligence; identify and respond to trends with ease.
  • Centralize data and integrate your accounting system with the other systems you count on each day.


Solution we recommend for hospitality companies

Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Microsoft Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics delivers everything you need to control costs, increase operational efficiency, and enhance communication and decision making.


Communication and Collaboration

  • Empower corporate headquarters and branches to communicate freely with one another.
  • Put real time data into the hands of those who need it most.
  • Cut through the clutter; give each user easy access to the information that’s most relevant to their specific position via a personalized dashboard.


Operational Efficiency and Performance

  • Identify key trends occurring in specific markets more easily.
  • Find and address issues affecting performance.
  • Track performance at both the corporate and unit levels.


Business Intelligence and Decision Making

  • Access reports that deliver meaningful data.
  • Identify and address issues occurring at the corporate and store levels.
  • Stay on top of and respond to market trends.
  • Understand, manage and control restaurant expenses.

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  • Case Study: Platinum Corral Platinum Corral came to Intelligent Technologies, Inc. when it decided to undertake an aggressive expansion program. Platinum realized that before these plans could be acted upon, it had to ensure that its internal accounting practices were running smoothly and efficiently. To help with this, ITI created a custom accounting solution capable of delivering daily reports containing comprehensive operational data early enough in the day to facilitate interdepartmental communication and improve operational control. Since implementing this unique solution, Platinum has won several awards and tripled its business volume, while only adding a single part time accountant to its staff.


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