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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

One of the most important ways our team helps companies to thrive and grow is with cloud-based ERP solutions. ERP is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning. It’s essentially a software program that’s linked to a central database with the goal of simplifying business processes like inventory, order handling, accounting, HR, project management, and communication.

What is ERP software?

Most ERP business solutions are modular, so there’s a section (module) that contains all the functions for each department – whether it’s finance, HR, or manufacturing. In the past, most workers would only be given access to the module that matched their role.  But, with today’s cloud-based ERPs there’s been a shift toward giving users access to the whole system for improved communication and teamwork.

Business areas commonly covered by ERP

What can an ERP do for you?

ERP business solutions give you a detailed view of what’s happening inside your business along with actionable insights for how to run your operations more effectively. Real-time reports answer questions like:

How much product are we making?

How much inventory do we have?

How many orders are awaiting shipment?

Signs your business needs an ERP

Signs you need an ERP<br />
Important data is stored in several places, making it hard to find the information you need.<br />
You are having trouble keeping up with demand even though you’ve added staff.<br />
You are constantly reentering data into various systems.<br />
Your current data gives an incomplete picture of the business.<br />
You are using historical reports to make decisions, instead of real-time information.

ERP buying is easy if you do it smart!

With this easy-to-follow ERP buying guide, you’ll go from “I don’t know where to begin” to “I found the ERP for me.”

We sell and support these popular ERP business solutions for SMBs.

Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica Cloud-Based ERP

Born in the cloud, Acumatica is a unique cloud and browser-based ERP solution designed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). This one-of-a-kind business management software solution works with all the most popular browsers (i.e., Chrome, Firefox, and Safari).

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP

It’s easy to automate and streamline your company’s finances with this full-featured software. Its robust set of capabilities include financial management, distribution, project accounting, HR management, manufacturing, business analytics, and field service management.
You can count our experienced consultants to customize Dynamics GP to match your company’s unique needs.

Deployment options:

On your own server (on premise)

On our server (hosted)

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Not sure which ERP solution is right for your organization?

With over 30 years of experience helping small and medium-sized businesses make the most of their accounting and business management systems, Intelligent Technologies is uniquely equipped to  help you explore your ERP options, document your challenges, choose the right ERP solution, and implement it for your business.