Solutions for Information Technology Professionals

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You: A professional working in and Information Technology role.

Your Job Title: IT Manager, IT Director, CIO, etc.

Challenge #1: Keeping Up with Changing Technology


It’s hard to keep all your in-house systems updated when you have a small IT team. No matter whether you need to update some of your infrastructure, or your systems we can help.

We are experts in a variety of business management solutions, as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure such as dedicated Internet access, Ethernet networks and VoIP phone systems. If you know it’s time for an upgrade, but don’t have the time to tackle it yourself, let us help.  Delaying it longer will only hurt your business’ efficiency and put your data at risk.

May we suggest?

Drawing of a strong internet signal

Internet Service

Simple, high speed Internet access. Stay connected to the people and applications you count on.

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Virtual Private Network

Connect staff and offices with a secure network that’s all yours.

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Managed Internet Service

No ordinary Internet connection. AT&T’s managed Internet service is a great alternative to a T-1 line. It offers reliability, top-notch performance, scalability and security. It’s a smart choice for businesses that need faster speed than other services offer.

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IP Flexible Reach

High-speed voice & data joined in a single high-performance, reliable network. It’s the perfect choice if you want to combine services and streamline networks.

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Network Based VPN remote access vpn solutions blurb

Network Based IP VPN Remote Access

Highly secure access to your business applications. No matter where you and your staff are working, or what device you are using.

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Drawing of att switched Ethernet service setup

Switched Ethernet Service

A low-cost networking solution for businesses with many locations. It acts as the on ramp to the Internet and your VPN network to deliver high-speed performance.
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Connect to the cloud services your business needs without worrying about prying eyes.
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Already own Dynamics GP and know you are a few versions behind, but don’t have time to do the upgrade yourself? Let our experts take care of it for you.

Better yet, what if I told you you could stop worrying about upgrading your software altogether? Like many of our clients, you’re probably skeptical. But it’s true. To avoid future upgrade headaches, all you need to do is switch from an on-premise software installation to a hosted one.

How Our Dynamics GP Hosting Service Works

You get the same great business software without all the headaches. That’s right, you never have to worry about another time consuming, complicated upgrade again!

Challenge #2: Keeping Data Safe

If you’re concerned about the safety of your company’s crucial data, there are a variety of ways we can help.

  • Option 1: Move data off your own servers onto ours, or those housed in an AT&T datacenter.
  • Option 2: Implement a backup and recovery solution.

If you aren’t confident in your current backups, you know you’re taking a big risk with one of your company’s most valuable assets.  Research shows that data loss, and the associated downtime cost businesses more than $1.7 trillion every year.  But, a comprehensive backup and recovery solution can save you from being another in a long string of news headlines.

  • Option 3: Moving your critical systems off your own servers and opting for a cloud solution instead. Cloud providers like Microsoft, Amazon, and others spend a great deal of time and resources, making sure that their cloud solutions are secure. While many people may think these cloud solutions are a less secure option that is simply not true. Most times, their investments in security go far beyond what a small or medium-sized business can do with their own servers.

May we suggest?

Datacenter icon

AT&T Colocation

Lease space in a highly secure data center where AT&T monitors and protects your equipment 24/7.

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Carbonite Advanced Pro

A simple backup solution to safeguard your critical data.
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Challenge #3 And #4: Spending Too Much Time Putting Out Fires/ Spreading Your IT Staff Too Thin

We combined these two because they are probably the most common complaints we hear from our clients working in IT roles, and they have similar solutions.

When you work for a small or medium-sized business, your IT team probably only comprises a few people.  But, because today’s businesses rely so heavily on technology your workload has become larger than ever.

So, you don’t always have the internal resources to update systems as often as they should. This leads to things breaking down. And when that happens, you often must drop everything else you are doing because the problem is affecting productivity and efficiency throughout the business.

Even if your systems are running smoothly, there are still plenty of issues that crop regularly, like new employees needing access to systems, people needing help troubleshooting error messages, etc. Whatever the case may be, these things keep you from focusing on more strategic projects.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way, as a managed service provider, we can take over many tasks that keep you from being able to focus on the strategic aspects of your job. These include:

  • Your network
  • Your backups and recovery
  • Your firewall
  • Your business phone system
  • Your Microsoft Office environment

And more.

Challenge #5: Responding to The Needs Of An Increasingly Mobile Workforce

In today’s business environment, more and more work happens outside of your office walls. And, people are pushed to be more productive than ever. That means your critical systems must be able to support mobile workers. But, that’s not all, you must also make sure that granting mobile access does not compromise data security.

To make this easier, we offer a wide variety of modern tools that make it easy for people to get more done, regardless of where business takes them. No matter whether you need a business management system that decision-makers can access on the go. Or, you’re looking for collaboration tools that help to narrow the distance between geographically disparate workers.

May we suggest?

Acumatica logo


Easy to buy deploy and customize, Acumatica is a cloud based business management solution built on industry standard Microsoft .NET, HTML 5, and Visual Studio IDE.

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Dynamics 365 logo

Dynamics 365

Consolidate multiple systems into a single, cloud based, connected one. Reduce administrative headaches and boost productivity.

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Office 365 logo

Office 365

Save time and boost productivity withe the Office you know administered in the cloud and available anytime,

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AT&T Flexible Reach

Reduce administration headaches while improving efficiency and productivity with a modern phone system that brings voice and data together into a single network.

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Why Trust Your Business Technology to Intelligent Technologies, Inc?

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We’ve served the technology needs of SMBs across a wide variety of industries for over 25 years. We understand that IT teams have a lot on their plate, let us be the extra muscle you need to reach your technology goals.

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The human touch

If you need help with the solutions you buy from us or just want a hand managing some of your day to day IT tasks, our friendly NC based staff will be there.  No more feeling like just a number to a large vendor who doesn’t understand the unique needs and challenges faced by SMBs.

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Rest assured we have what it takes to meet your technology needs now and in the future. We’ve built strong relationships with leading technology vendors, including Microsoft, Acumatica, AT&T and many ISVs. And,
we are consistently adding new offerings to meet the needs of our clients.

Small and medium sized business love working with Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

Before connecting with Intelligent Technologies, Inc. keeping our Dynamics GP software up to date and properly backed up was a constant source of worry for our company.  But now, we don’t have to give it a second thought.  The peace of mind we have now is invaluable!

Ed Smith

Controller, Lee Moore Capital



Want more information?

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Acumatica Security Advantages

Contrary to popular belief, cloud based accounting software is more secure than legacy systems. Take a closer look at the security measures that set Acumatica apart from the competition.

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Dynamics GP System Requirements

Make sure your hardware and supporting software is up to the task of running the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics GP. This PDF gives recommendations from the Dynamics GP support team at Microsoft for servers, hardware and software. Please look them over carefully. And, if you have any questions, or need to upgrade anything else before moving to the newest version of Dynamics GP, we’ll be there to help.

Dynamics GP upgrade request form thumbnail

Dynamics GP Feature Comparison

Should I upgrade now of wait until the next release? This is another common question we get from clients toying with the idea of upgrading their Dynamics GP software. The answer depends on variety of factors. One of the most important of these is whether you could benefit from new features that have been added since your last upgrade. But, figuring that out was not always easy. So, we created this chart that lists all the important features that have been added in the last 6 releases, organized by business function.

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