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Accounting and Financial Reporting


Do any of these situations sound familiar?


  • Finding information you need is hard. It’s stored in several different systems that can’t
    talk to each other.
  • Your reports are looking in the rear-view mirror. You make decisions based
    on historical data instead of real time information.
  • Getting the whole story on your company’s health is impossible. Your data
    only delivers part of the truth.
  • You and your staff spend much of your workweek rentering data into multiple
  • You can’t keep up with growing demand, even though you’ve added staff.

Customer Relationships


Do any of these situations sound familiar?


  • You use post it notes, a stack of business cards, or a spreadsheet to keep track of  leads.
  • Appointments and follow ups sometimes fall through the cracks.
  • Creating sales and marketing reports is tedious and time consuming.
  • Sharing customer information is difficult. A lot of it is only stored in the minds of your sales staff.
  • Your customers get frustrated having to repeat themselves each time they speak to a new sales or service rep.
  • Each person on your sales team follows their own sales process.
  • Lack of organization and insight is keeping your business from growing as fast as you’d like.



Do any of these situations sound familiar?


  • Your email inbox is filled with lengthy discussions a tangle of document drafts.
  • You find it hard to get work done when you’re away from the office.
  • You can’t access documents on the go. Your only copies are stored on your hard drive.
  • You can only take business calls while sitting at your desk.
  • You don’t have an easy way to tell which of your coworkers is available to take a call.
  • When your office loses power your entire phone system goes down.
  • Important to do lists for all your projects scribbled on post it notes or scraps of paper.
  • You’re still tracking project progress with a spreadsheet.

IT & Networking


Do you not have an in-house IT team? Are they spread too thin?

Let our team of experts handle setting up your phone and/or internet, keeping your network secure, backing up your important data and more with our SimplicITI managed services. We provide remote and onsite assistance for:

  • Viruses and malware attacks
  • Networking issues
  • Desktop and user account admin issues
  • Backups
  • Plus, network infrastructure solutions and more

What our customers are saying…

With our old system, it was nearly impossible to get the sales, labor and other cost data we needed to guide the operation of our restaurant franchises. But, with the help of Intelligent Technologies, Inc., We now have software that does all the work for us. It delivers a ton of valuable information. automatically at the start of each business day, which helps us guide our operations and make smart decisions.

Rick Trant

Director of Operations, Platinum Corral, LLC

Previously, we had another Microsoft partner who was very slow to respond to our requests for help.   This often forced us to create clumsy workarounds just to keep our day from coming to a grinding halt.  After that experience, Intelligent Technologies, Inc. is a breath of fresh air!  Their team is easy to work with, always delivering fast and friendly service.

Brandy Downs

Sr. Accountant, Lutheran Services Carolinas

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