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Gain anywhere, anytime access to the tools and insights your business needs to thrive.

A smarter way to transform your business

Intelligent Technologies makes it easy for small and mid-sized companies to achieve digital transformation. We set you up for financial prosperity by driving operational efficiencies in the cloud and by unleashing the data insights you need to make smarter decisions faster.

With our deep accounting and industry expertise, we’re able to implement solutions that match your specific needs. Simply put, you get the technology to run your business effectively and the expertise to keep it all working smoothly. Prepare to compete and thrive like never before!


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

You need software that can help you manage and integrate all the key areas of your business – from finance and HR to order processing and accounting to supply chain and inventory.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Get a 360-degree view of every prospect and customer in one place. By storing every detail of every interaction across all touchpoints, you’ll be able to provide far better service, far faster.

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Communication and Collaboration Software

Work with colleagues and business partners across locations as if you’re all in the same room. Hold engaging meetings, collaborate on strategies and co-author documents in real time.

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Managed IT Services

Give your small or medium business the IT support it deserves without the hiring headache. Let our team help you get ahead with efficiency, valuable insights and network security.

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Why Intelligent Technologies?

“Intelligent Technologies is a personal service. Everyone has their field of expertise. The way things are done now is amazing, efficient, easy. One of my favorite things is that for all of us they are just a phone call away.”

Melissa Avent

Clemmons Pallet and Skid Works

“With Intelligent Technologies’ help, we have been able to grow our portfolio of restaurants to 25 while still keeping our staff small. The connected business systems they’ve given us allow us to operate very efficiently while strengthening our security and eliminating errors.”

Amy Lampe

CEO, Tacoma

“If you are looking for a creative software provider that offers great service, look no further than Intelligent Technologies! Thanks to their expert staff, we now have a fully automated system that gives us daily insight into many critical aspects of the business.”
Billy Sewell

President & CEO, Platinum Corral

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Acumatica vs. Traditional ERP: Which Enhances Business Agility More?

Acumatica vs. Traditional ERP: Which Enhances Business Agility More?

Acumatica is more than just the new kid on the ERP block. It’s a challenger hitting back against convention. Aiming to enhance business agility, it’s redefining how we view ERP solutions. The burning question isn’t just if, but how much more agile can your business become with Acumatica as compared to traditional ERP systems?

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Square 9 On: The AI Advantage: Streamlining Document Capture

Square 9 On: The AI Advantage: Streamlining Document Capture

Once a mere concept in science fiction, computing systems have finally gained the ability to make complex decisions in a practical and meaningful way. Now, using the power of AI, information can be extracted from paper, PDFs, and other computer-illegible sources with AI document capture in less time, at a lower cost, and with far more accuracy.

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Acumatica: The Secret to Future-Proofing Your Business [+1 Mistake to Avoid]

Acumatica: The Secret to Future-Proofing Your Business [+1 Mistake to Avoid]

With every passing second, businesses are evolving or facing extinction, a mere cog in the ruthless wheel of corporate Darwinism. In the heart of this digital survival of the fittest floats the life-saving buoy of Acumatica. Isn’t it time your business grabbed hold? This blog is your guide to fortifying your company against future uncertainties.

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We have nearly 30 years of experience working with small and medium sized businesses. So, whether you need help with your software selection, implementation, cloud migration or systems integration, our friendly knowledgeable staff has the expertise to make your project a success!

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