Cisco Meraki

Maintaining a secure, reliable network is simple with the right Meraki services provider.

Are you a small business that doesn’t have an IT team? Or, maybe you have one, but they have too much on their plate? Then, you know keeping a network up and running and safe from intruders with limited internal resources can be a real chore. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and let networking issues keep you up at night. But there’s another option. Let someone else manage Meraki for you.

When you choose our SimplicITI managed services, our networking team becomes an extension of yours. With nearly 30 years’ experience matching businesses with the right technology and network services with the expertise to keep everything running smoothly, there isn’t much we haven’t seen or done. We are experts in many of the most popular SMB networking tools on the market today. Let us help you find the right mix of solutions, set them up and support you when issues arise.

Finally, you can get back to work, free from worry about when the next network issue might stop you in your tracks.

The Cisco Meraki SMB Networking Tools We Offer

Meraki MX Firewalls

Centralized cloud management for networking, security and application control.

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Meraki MS Switches

Enterprise grade hardware to meet your wired and wireless network needs today and tomorrow.

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MR access points

Quality components carefully optimized deliver faster wireless connections with fewer issues.

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Meraki MX Firewalls

One of the top providers of next-generation firewalls, Meraki delivers complete security and simple devices. These advanced Cisco Meraki devices give you the power to protect your systems, users, and data.


Key Features

  • Intrusion prevention – Safeguard your critical network resources from an ever-growing list of security threats
  • Content filtering – Stop undesirable web content across over 70 categories and filter out billions of dangerous URLs using cloud lookup tools.
  • Identity-based firewall – Establish user classes with unique permissions for each. Automatically assign VLAN tags, firewall and traffic shaping rules to each group.
  • Auto VPN – Connect each of your locations using a hub and spoke or mesh set ups. Enjoy simple VPN access to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • High availability and failover – Preserve your connection with multiple uplinks, self-healing VPN and warm spare failover.
  • Centralized management – Keep tabs on your Wi-Fi and multi-site networks from a single tool.
  • Advanced security and malware protection – Safeguard your network against viruses using the most up-to-date threat intelligence. Meraki’s advanced malware protection with retrospective detection even identifies previously unknown dangers.
  • Application visibility and control – See which applications your staff is using. Prioritize critical ones over recreational ones.

Meraki MS switches

Simple yet effective, Meraki switches are ready to power your network, no matter what its size. They combine an intuitive cloud-based management tool, which requires no additional training, with scalable, secure robust performance.

See why Meraki switches are a favorite among businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Key Features

  • Multi-Gigabit Ethernet – Meet the performance demands of the latest class of access point tools with your existing cabling.
  • Improved physical stacking – Reduce latency to less than one second. Enjoy faster stacked convergence in the event of a switch failure.
  • Virtual stacking – Configure thousands of ports across physically stacked switches or standalone ones, regardless of location.
  • Layer 3 scalability – Build large, strong networks using warm space technology and dynamic routing protocols.
  • Layer 7 visibility – Understand how your most valuable network resources are being used.
  • Secure connect – Detect and verify that a Meraki access point connected to a port belongs to the same organization and automatically set it up. (Available on most models)
  • Voice and video quality of service – Give your latency sensitive, but critical communication applications the bandwidth and priority they deserve. Configure your organization’s quality of service standards.
  • Remote live tools – Identify and correct network issues quickly and easily, even from thousands of miles away.
  • Real-time network status – Check the status of each of your devices and their connections to understand the health of your entire network.
  • Enterprise grade security – Protect your wired network from threats whether they come from the inside or outside.

MR Access Points

Wireless Internet access is no longer a nice to have item for small and medium-size businesses. B2B employees expect to have access to their most important productivity tools on their mobile device. And more and more B2C customers expect the places they do business with to offer them Wi-Fi. No matter which category your business falls into, there’s a Meraki access point to fit your needs.

Other wireless networks are difficult and time-consuming to troubleshoot. Meraki is different. It gives you an easy to use, cloud-based dashboard where you can keep a watchful eye over your entire network and solve issues in seconds, not hours or days. See how it works.


Key Features

  • Multi-Gigabit Ethernet – Take full advantage of the high speeds Wi-Fi 6 offers. Move up to 5 Gbps of traffic over your single existing cable.
  • Application visibility and control – See which applications your staff is using. Prioritize the critical ones, while limiting others.
  • Centralized management – Control large Wi-Fi deployments and multi-site networks from a single dashboard.
  • Location analytics – Understand who your network users are with stats on individual visit times, repeat visits and visitor capture rate. This feature is especially useful for B2C companies wondering how much foot traffic a marketing campaign drives.
  • Automatic RF optimization – Measure signal strength, interference, throughput and channel utilization automatically to optimize the Wi-Fi user experience.
  • Identity based firewall – Assign your Wi-Fi users to various classes based on how they use the system. Then set bandwidth limits, firewall and traffic shaping rules and VLAN tags to meet each class’s specific needs.
  • High-capacity Wi-Fi 6 – Optimize radio frequencies with real-time analysis to deliver a high performing wireless experience in dense, demanding environments.
  • Dedicated security radio – Listen for and detect attacks, interference, and vulnerabilities across all channels.

Want to Learn More about Cisco Meraki SMB Networking Tools?

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