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Acumatica CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

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Manage opportunities, contacts, leads and support cases, all in one central location. Acumatica cloud-based customer relationship management connects with sales orders, AR, AP, and other important modules. So, you spend less time on manual processes. Instead, you can focus on closing more sales and addressing customer requests.

Why Acumatica CRM?

Increased Productivity

With automation and streamlined processes, businesses can reduce the time and effort required to manage customer relationships, allowing them to focus on building relationships.

Improved Customer Experience

The CRM software helps businesses provide better customer service and support, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhanced Sales and Marketing

By providing tools for lead and opportunity management, sales automation, and marketing automation, Acumatica’s CRM can help businesses increase their sales and marketing effectiveness.

Insights in real-time

  • Create custom dashboards to track the KPIs that matter most.
  • Never over promise or under deliver again thanks to crystal clear production time visibility.
  • Make the best possible use of your available resources and avoid nasty stock related surprises with inventory and shop floor dashboards
  • Understand the why behind your KPIs. From your dashboards, you can quickly see exactly which data points have changed.

Better Insights

The advanced analytics and reporting features of the CRM software allow businesses to track key performance metrics and gain valuable insights into their sales and marketing operations, helping them make data-driven decisions.


Acumatica’s CRM software is highly scalable, making it a good fit for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Acumatica Cloud Based CRM Manages the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Business Intelligence

Get a 360-degree view of each customer’s activities. Uncover the story behind the numbers when you can see exactly which numbers are affecting your KPIs. Use real-time information to learn how you can better serve your customer.

Customer Self-Service

Reduce the number of phone calls your customer service team must handle. Offer customers 24/7 access to their important business account information. Empower them with a customer portal where they can create support cases and see updates on their existing ones.


Integrated Marketing

Manage leads and contacts, improve conversions, design, and send email sequences. And, track the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts with integrated campaigns.

Sales Automation

Enjoy a complete view of your opportunities and contacts. Keep an eye out for issues that might influence the sales decision. Improve efficiency with automated workflows.

Service and Support Automation

Lower your support costs by improving your response time and billing accuracy. Assign and escalate cases based on policies you set.


Acumatica for HubSpot Connector

Break down silos between your sales and marketing departments when you connect the industry’s favorite marketing automation platform. With the powerhouse couple of Acumatica CRM and HubSpot by your side you can build, execute and track campaigns across all channels, create leads and seamlessly pass them to your sales team.

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Focused on your needs

Your business success depends on building strong relationships with your customers. So does ours. We promise to listen to you and learn about your business before giving advice. You should always feel confident that your technology provider has your best interests in mind.

Reasonable, transparent pricing

Some tech companies charge a lot of money just to give advice that you could find online. Others make you pay upfront before they begin work. Neither builds a relationship based on trust and it’s our goal to become your partner for life. That’s why we will always charge a fair hourly rate for our services.

Respectful interactions, unparalleled support

Every client deserves exceptional support, no matter how small their business is or how infrequently they need us. So, we aim to provide the same top-notch service in every interaction.

Education for all

Choosing the right customer relationship management software, as well as the vendors to implement it, can be tough. To help clarify the process and guide you through it, we freely share our expertise online.

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Not Just Smoke and Mirrors. Acumatica CRM Delivers Real Results for SMBs

David Salmon, Director of Information Services,<br />

ComCenter increased sales more than 90%.

Bill Ferrin, Director of Information Technology, Portacool LLC<br />

Portacool decreased shipping processing times by more than 40 percent.

Scott McCalla, Chief Strategy Officer, International Pipe & Supply, LLC<br />

International Pipe & Supply, LLC gained a single system to track a lead to a customer.

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