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You: Are responsible for the company’s finances and spending

Your Job Title: CFO, Accounting manager, Controller, etc.

Your Challenges

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Challenge #1: Cutting Costs

Move your expensive legacy systems to the cloud.  This helps to cut costs in three ways.

  • Break your software costs up into monthly installments, rather than buying it all at once.
  • Free your staff from the headache of maintaining expensive servers and other hardware. With cloud-based systems. The software provider takes care of the hardware for you.
  • With server maintenance off your IT staff’s plate, you won’t have to worry about paying for costly overtime hours when equipment failure emergencies happen.

Challenge #2: Meeting Applicable Regulations and Audit Requirements

Each of the accounting systems we specialize in offers full audit trails. They are also built with many common business regulations like the ACA in mind. If you have more industry-specific regulations, you must be mindful of, please contact us. We work with many clients in this situation. Once we know more about your needs, we can recommend a solution that is the best fit for your business.

Without the right technology, it’s hard to get a complete view of the health of your business, particularly regarding finances and inventory. But, if you are looking for ways to save money, these are two of the key areas at which to look.

We can help by putting real-time data at your fingertips. Imagine having complete visibility into your inventory and your budget. With this information, it becomes much easier to make informed decisions about how and where you should spend your money. Never again, do you have to draw up a budget with incomplete information, or waste money ordering unnecessary inventory items.

Challenge #3: Struggling with A Poorly Managed or Outdated Accounting System

We can help with this one in two ways. Which one is best depends on the severity of the issue.

Option one: Add multi-entity management to your existing system. This solution is a good fit for you if:

  • Your company has grown since your first implemented your accounting system.
  • You now have multiple entities or divisions you need to keep separate books for. But, you would like to have one integrated system in control of everything.
  • You enter data into multiple systems. This is not only a drain on your company’s productivity but also leads to increased errors.

Option two: Update your accounting system to a newer version of your current software.

This option is ideal if overall, you are happy with your current accounting software. But, the technology just seems a bit outdated. If you often wonder whether there’s an easier way to do a specific task, it can be a good time to upgrade. Each new version of any accounting software package brings with it a host of new features designed to make the user’s job easier.

Option three: Move to a new system

While this is probably no one’s favorite option, it is a good choice if your current accounting system just cannot meet your needs any longer. A telltale sign of this is that you use a lot of workarounds to make the system do what you need. For instance, you are using Excel to run reports, because the system does not include the ones you need and there is no way to create them. The problem with these workarounds is that they’re a lot like sticking your finger in the dike to stop a flood. It might work, but it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. And, it causes a lot of unnecessary work for your staff, which negatively impacts your company’s productivity.

Challenge #4: Lack of Comprehensive Insight into the Company’s Financial Health

Each of the accounting systems we offer includes robust accounting tools. Use the many out-of-the-box reports, create your own, or if you have really specific needs, let us build a report just for you. Either way, you will never again have to wonder exactly how your organization is performing. You will always know exactly where you stand and be able to make responsible decisions regarding where to invest or cut costs.

Challenge #5: Limiting Growth Because Your Accounting Software Can’t Keep Up

Growth is a great thing. It’s a goal that most business leaders are working towards. However, if your business still has the same accounting system it did when it began with a single office and one or two employees. But now, you have multiple offices filled with dozens of employees, it’s no wonder your accounting system is feeling the strain.

Entry level accounting systems are great for small businesses, but they are just not built to handle big expansions. If you find yourself getting frustrated on a daily basis because your accounting system is running extremely slowly, or just can’t give you the information you need, it is time to make the move to a business management system that can support you and your growth goals.

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