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The Acumatica Ecosystem: Exploring Integration Opportunities

Written by Jennifer Weathersby

November 29, 2023

The world of business is cutthroat, and business leaders need to take advantage of every tool at their disposal to get ahead. In the age of social media, ecommerce, digital marketing, and more, a fully interconnected business platform is not just a nice-to-have — it’s a necessity. Enter Acumatica: an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that closes the gaps preventing your business’s various departments and systems from working together as seamlessly as they should be. 

The Power of Integration

Your business’s integration capabilities are more important right now than ever before. Long gone are the days when businesses commonly struggled to unify disjointed systems. Now, a completely interconnected business platform is as simple as using an enterprise resource planning solution, like Acumatica, to bridge the gap between disparate departments and applications. 

Let’s look at a few of the advantages of an integrated business ecosystem: 

1. Boost Operational Efficiency

Businesses with integrated systems gain several crucial advantages. First, integration improves operational efficiency. Manual data entry tasks that were once time-consuming and expensive are now easy to automate with fully integrated, cloud-based ERP systems. For instance, your business can use an ERP tool like Acumatica to automate financial reporting and inventory management in real-time. 

2. Improve Data Accuracy 

Integration also improves data accuracy. Traditionally, separate systems stored different bits and pieces of business data, which meant decision-makers did not have a single, unified source of reliable information. An integrated platform ensures that business leaders have consistent access to accurate data across the board in one, comprehensive view. 

3. Aid Decision-Making

Integration also facilitates more timely decision-making. By providing real-time business intelligence and a holistic view of your organization’s operations, integrated ERP systems make it easier to make informed choices quickly. Whether you’re optimizing supply chains, tailoring marketing strategies, or searching for critical market trends, you can access complete and up-to-date information right when you need it most. 


Acumatica’s Integration-Friendly Architecture

One of Acumatica’s primary advantages is its forward-thinking approach to integration, which places the user’s need for interconnectivity at the forefront of its design logic. Nowhere is this commitment to integration more clear than in its API-first philosophy. 

Acumatica’s API-First Approach

Acumatica’s API-first approach means that it heavily prioritizes the availability of compatible APIs. Application programming interfaces (APIs) serve as conduits through which separate software systems can communicate and share data. In simpler terms, APIs are like a common language that allows different applications to understand each other. 

The practical implications of Acumatica’s API-first approach are enormous. The availability of such a wide range of APIs ensures that Acumatica users can always access ways to integrate their Acumatica Cloud ERP systems seamlessly with other critical business applications, from customer relationship management (CRM) systems to ecommerce platforms and more. 

Seamless CRM and ERP Integration

Another standout feature of Acumatica is its ability to integrate customer relationship management flawlessly with enterprise resource planning. By integrating CRM and ERP, your business can gain an uninterrupted view of its customers and operations. CRM processes and ERP systems that are working together enable more profound insights into customer behavior and ultimately pave the way for superior customer experiences. 

Imagine your sales teams have instant access to any customer’s order history directly from their CRM interface — no matter which sales channel the order originated from. This level of sales pipeline integration not only saves your representatives time but also empowers them to make better decisions and offer deeper personalization to customers. 

The Acumatica Marketplace: Exploring Integration Options

Every business’s integration needs are unique. That’s why Acumatica offers a practically endless supply of pre-built Acumatica integrations and extensions through the Acumatica Marketplace. In the Marketplace, you’ll find an array of solutions that connect effortlessly with Acumatica ERP, allowing you to extend your ERP system’s functionality to meet your business’s specific requirements. 

The Acumatica Marketplace is full of connectors for some of the most prominent software tools in the business world — like Shopify, Salesforce, BigCommerce, Velixo, and more. 

  • Shopify integration simplifies Shopify ecommerce management, allowing you to customize layouts and campaigns and then synchronize them across various channels.  
  • Salesforce integration allows you to automate your lead funnel and gain better visibility into your Salesforce data by syncing it directly with your Acumatica ERP system. 
  • BigCommerce integration seamlessly connects your BigCommerce store with your Acumatica ERP system, making it easier than ever to manage your ecommerce storefront. 
  • Velixo Reports integration empowers your teams with robust Excel reporting and analytics capabilities that connect directly to your Acumatica ERP data. 

These integrations put convenient, interconnected business solutions at your fingertips, requiring none of the hassle of custom development work. You can find many more integrations like these on the Acumatica Marketplace. 

Custom Integration Possibilities

While the Acumatica Marketplace provides an extensive selection of pre-built integrations, some businesses have extremely specific requirements that demand custom solutions. That’s where Acumatica Partners come into play. Acumatica has a broad network of development partners who can create tailored ERP integrations designed to meet your business’s exact specifications. 

Whether you need an Acumatica integration for a proprietary system or a specialized solution to streamline a unique business process, Acumatica Partners are here to bring your vision to life. Acumatica’s exceptional adaptability is one reason it has remained the ERP system of choice for businesses throughout countless industries for many years. 

Get Connected with Acumatica ERP

With its API-first architecture, robust ecosystem of integrated solutions, and seamless compatibility with custom APIs, Acumatica ERP is the perfect system to help small and medium-sized businesses achieve new heights of efficiency. Acumatica pushes the boundaries of traditional ERP systems and brings a fully integrated, API-first approach to business and project management. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the diverse integration options the Acumatica ecosystem offers and see for yourself how your business can benefit from a connected ERP solution. 

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