Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing an ERP System

Are you skipping a key step in your ERP software selection process?

Your mind’s made up. Now is the time for choosing an ERP system to help your business grow, or for replacing one that’s long since seen better days. This is a big decision, one that will affect your organization for years to come and has enough moving parts to make your head spin. So, you know you need to take things slow and do your research. If you’ve already begun your research, you’ve probably come across countless pages of Google search results filled with experts telling you what questions you must ask ERP vendors and implementation partners before you sign on the dotted line. Sure, this is useful advice. But those questions aren’t the start of your ERP buying story, they’re the middle.

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Have you stopped to think about the questions to ask yourself before choosing an ERP system?

Choosing an ERP system is a big decision, kind of like picking a mate. Choose the right one, things improve greatly. Choose the wrong one and you’ll bring on a host of new issues. With so much at stake, you must take the time to truly understand your needs. Not just those of a small subset of users, but the business as a whole.  Only then can you find the match that’s best for you. Do yourself a favor, avoid a costly mistake.

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You can’t afford to overlook these crucial questions!