ERP Buying Checklists and Quizzes

Quiz: Is it time to replace your ERP software?

Whether to buy a new ERP is a big decision, one with many factors to consider. If you’re on the fence, this short quiz will help steer you in the right direction. Just answer 10 easy questions.

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Checklist: Choosing the Best ERP Software

Choosing the best ERP system to run your business is an important decision. You will feel its effects for many years to come. With so many similar features, each software package may start to look like the last. So, how do you separate out what’s important and what’s not? This ERP selection criteria matrix can help.

First, decide which vendors you would like to compare (up to three). Put their names in the vendor spaces along the top row of each table below. Then, set a priority level for each item. Finally, mark which vendor offers each feature. If you need to add additional features, there’s blank space on the last page.

Once you complete the ERP evaluation checklist, you’ll see at a glance which vendor best meets your needs. 

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Checklist: Choosing the Best ERP Implementation Partner

Since you can’t try out potential ERP partners with a free demo, like you can with the software, it can be hard to know how to choose an ERP consultant. So, to help, our experts put together an ERP partner interview checklist and comparison tool. Use it to go beyond surface questions to understand what separates one partner from another and who is best equipped to meet your business needs.


You’ll learn the four types of questions essential to a successful ERP partner interview:


  • Basic – Capture the key details of your ERP implementation project.
  • Expertise – Get at the heart of whether a potential partner has the know-how to make your implementation a success.
  • Culture – Shine a light on a potential partner’s business practices and give you a window into what they would be like to work with.
  • Expectation Setting – Ensure everyone is on the same page and set a strong foundation for your project success.
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Need Some One-on-One Help?

With over 30 years’ experience helping small and medium-sized businesses make sense of technology, Intelligent Technologies can help you explore your options, find the best fit, get your systems up and running, and make sure users have the skills they need to use technology to their advantage.