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As a full-service IT company, Intelligent Technologies sets businesses up with the tools and insights they need to thrive. Small and medium-size companies across the Southeast and throughout the US count on us to get their operations running smoothly. Whether you need a new networking solution or an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, we’ll help you make the right choice and ensure a smooth transition. We can also give your IT team a little extra muscle when you need it.

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Why SMBs trust their ERP and networking needs to us

Previously, we had another Microsoft partner who was slow to respond to our requests for help. This often forced us to create clumsy workarounds just to keep our day from coming to a grinding halt. After that experience, Intelligent Technologies is a breath of fresh air! Their team is easy to work with, always delivering fast and friendly service.

Brandy Downs

Sr. Accountant, Lutheran Services Carolinas

We depend on Dynamics GP to run our entire business. So, it was critical to find a software vendor who would be there for us after the sale. That’s exactly what we got when we chose Intelligent Technologies. Their team answers our calls at all hours and serves us as if they were our employees. They are truly our IT Partner!

Bob DeCusati

CFO, Zamma Corporation

If you are looking for a creative software provider that offers great service, look no further than Intelligent Technologies!  Thanks to their expert staff, we now have a fully automated financial management system that gives us daily insight into many critical aspects of the business, including sales, employee turnover and more.  Plus, anytime we encounter an issue or have a question they’re always friendly, professional and ready to lend a hand!

Billy Sewell

President & CEO, Platinum Corral, LLC

Acumatica and Dynamics GP ERP Services

System Selection

System Selection

Choosing the right technology for your small or mid-sized business can be confusing. With so many options to choose from and all of the technical jargon to wade through, just getting started can be headache inducing. That’s why Intelligent Technologies helps out with best-in-class operations software and hands-on expertise to help you get everything running smoothly.

With our more than 30 years of experience offering software solutions, we:

understand the issues you struggle with most.

take the time to get acquainted with your needs and key business processes.

make smart recommendations on which parts of your business would benefit most from updated technology.

help you choose the best tools for the job.

Acumatica and Dynamics GP Software Implementation

Acumatica and Dynamics GP Software Implementation

Implementing Acumatica, Dynamics GP, or other similar tools requires technical knowledge, business experience, and creativity. Intelligent Technologies delivers on all three.

Technical knowledge

We have been working with ERP systems for 30 years, so we are well-versed in all of the ins and outs of the software and understand how to resolve issues when they arise.

Business experience

We have worked with hundreds of businesses across a wide array of industries, so there isn’t much our consultants haven’t seen before.


Before our project management experts work on your ERP implementation plan, we get to know your specific needs and goals so that you will get the most out of your software.

Acumatica and Dynamics GP Financial Data Migration and Conversion

Acumatica and Dynamics GP Financial Data Migration and Conversion

 Transitioning between financial software packages always requires some reformatting and data cleaning. Our ERP consultants are experts in this process and will build it into your implementation plan. Whether you’re helping you with a specialized Acumatica integration or assisting with Dynamics GP cloud hosting. Our goal is to help you avoid time-consuming and error-prone manual reentry.


Thinking about switching to a more versatile ERP solution?

Acumatica and GP Customization and Integration

Acumatica and GP Customization and Integration

Since no two businesses are identical, we treat no two CRM or ERP implementations the same. Acumatica and Dynamics GP provide a comprehensive set of features that meet the needs of most clients. But you may find that you require a little something extra if you have unique processes or extremely specific needs.


When you choose us, you can embrace the ideas of “customization” and “integration.” Whether your needs are simple or complex, you can relax knowing we have the ability and third-party vendor relationships to build you the solution you need.

Let us help you with:

Integrating Acumatica or Dynamics GP with your existing systems or third-party add-ons

Custom report writing

Custom application development

Acumatica and Dynamics GP Expert Support

Acumatica and Dynamics GP Expert Support

With more than a 95% client retention rate, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting customer relationships. One of the biggest reasons for our success is our friendly, knowledgeable team of experts. Whenever an issue arises with your Acumatica software, our team will be your first point of contact and are always ready, willing, and able to help you get back on track fast. Choose the method of assistance that’s most convenient for you.


95% Client Retention Rate

Acumatica and Dynamics GP Training

Acumatica and Dynamics GP Training

Making the most of an ERP solution like Acumatica or Dynamics GP means having access to ongoing Acumatica or Dynamics GP training to stay up to date on the latest advancements and keep your skills sharp.

Want to take your team’s skills to the next level?

Intelligent Technologies offers ongoing training to our clients through:

On-site training

Monthly email newsletters


Dynamics GP Cloud Hosting

Dynamics GP Cloud Hosting

If you’re a current or prospective Dynamics GP user who is tired of managing your own servers, keeping your software up-to-date, and making sure everything runs smoothly from day to day, Dynamics GP cloud hosting may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

With Dynamics GP hosting from Intelligent Technologies, you get:

A partner with proven experience hosting Dynamics GP in the cloud

Quicker ROI and faster deployment

Rock-solid data security

Simpler budgeting thanks to the ability to spread your software costs out over time

Regular system backups

Freedom from time-consuming and expensive software upgrades

Easy access to the latest features  

Dynamics GP Database Backup Service

Dynamics GP Database Backup Service

Are you confident your Dynamics GP database backups will be there when you need them? Sure, you have a tape labeled “backup” that you put in the drive nightly, or a file sitting on a remote server that says “backup,” but will it restore? Unfortunately, sometimes companies discover too late that the answer to this question is “No.”
If you’re unsure whether your backups will perform properly, let our Dynamics GP support team double check for you.

We can also support you if you decide to pursue a Dynamics GP replacement.

We will come in and:

Take an in-depth look at your Dynamics GP database backups

Review your organization’s current backup procedures

Look at the actual backup files

Perform a test restore to verify the backup’s validity

Networking and Managed IT Services

Networking and Managed IT Services Selection

Networking and Managed IT Services Selection

Whether you have a small internal IT team that’s overextended or no team at all, finding the right tools to keep data safe and collaboration flowing between departments can be a real challenge. Let our managed IT services take a little stress out of your day-to-day business operations. Rather than adopting a cookie-cutter approach to managed services, we offer a customized experience for each organization. Show us your needs and internal IT skill level, and we’ll recommend the right mix of products and services to help you reach your goals.

Networking and Managed IT Services Implementation

Networking and Managed IT Services Implementation

Since most companies grapple with security and collaboration issues, we build our managed services recommendations around tools to address those specific issues.
Once we understand your needs and which solutions fit them best, we’ll get your managed services up and running. This gives you the technology you need without sidetracking your internal team from supporting other departments or driving your technology strategy forward.

Networking and Managed IT Support

Networking and Managed IT Support

When you buy your technology products and services from Intelligent Technologies, our commitment to your company continues long after the sale. Anytime you need us, our IT and managed service experts will be available and ready to lend a hand.

We’ll work with your internal IT staff to keep your systems operational and can also supply support to individual users who need it – like assisting with Microsoft Office 365. This way, if something goes wrong with your software, your staff will have someone they can call on for support. This is especially valuable if you have a small IT department that is spread too thin.

Choose the support type that works best for you:



Remote support

On-site visit

You get the benefits of having an internal IT team without the overhead.


Dynamics SL to Acumatica Cloud ERP Migrations

Dynamics SL to Acumatica Cloud ERP Migrations

For all versions of Microsoft Dynamics SL, mainstream support has ended. This means there will be no more major updates to the software, only security patches. Even if you decide to wait it out until the end of extended support on July 11, 2028, you are just delaying the inevitable. Eventually, you must choose a Dynamics SL replacement, which for most SMBs will probably be a cloud-based ERP solution.

Nervous about the transition? Here’s some advice to help make the process a smoother one.

Keep in mind that many businesses have already dealt with or will soon confront similar challenging choices. Countless other Dynamics SL users have found themselves in the same position as you are now. For many of them, moving from Dynamics SL to Acumatica Cloud ERP was the simple choice.

To learn more about the conversion process and to see a live Acumatica demo, check out our recorded webinar or reach out to us. We’d love to show you what Acumatica can do.

Why Acumatica after Dynamics SL:

The cofounder of Acumatica was the CEO of Solomon software (the creators of Dynamics SL) from 1983 to 1999. So, those who like the functionality of SL will see many similarities mirrored in Acumatica, which makes the learning curve less steep.

Acumatica supports multiple deployment options, including software as a service (SaaS). So, it’s ready to support the needs of remote workers with no additional tools or setup. All users need to access it is a web browser. Everyone enjoys the same experience on any device, whether it’s a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Unlike Dynamics SL, Acumatica has a fully integrated CRM system. This means that instead of purchasing a separate CRM and seeking help from a developer to integrate it with SL, Acumatica CRM is ready to use immediately after purchase. This reduces implementation costs, eliminates the need for staff to learn multiple systems, and reduces the chance of data entry error.

Acumatica offers growth friendly licensing. Instead of paying per user, customers pay based on the computing resources they use. This gives you the freedom to involve everyone without breaking your budget.

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