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Intelligent Technologies, Inc. offers a wide variety of cloud solutions and the expertise you need to make the most of your investment.  Bringing your business into the 21st century with the latest cloud technology doesn’t have to be difficult. When you partner with Intelligent Technologies, Inc. you get a partner that truly understands cloud technology. No matter whether you want to move all of your business operations to the cloud or you simply want to migrate your email system to the cloud, we will be with you throughout the migration process. And, our commitment to your company doesn’t stop there, once your new cloud technology is up and running we’ll be available to provide expert support whenever you need us.

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ERP Cost Comparison: Which is Cheaper: Cloud or On-Premises?

One question comes up for businesses considering software solutions is whether they should host their solution on-premises or go with a cloud-based solution. How do these two compare in terms of cost, though? Which is cheaper in the long run for your business? How do you perform a fair ERP cost comparison?

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What is Hybrid ERP, or a Hybrid ERP Platform?

As the name suggests, a hybrid ERP is a hybrid approach that combines two different versions of ERP: on-premises ERP and cloud-based. This two-tiered approach allows companies to stick with an ERP they know, while enjoying many benefits of the cloud. Learn more about why hybrid ERPs are so popular and whether they are a match for your needs.

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Cloud Savings: How the Cloud Helps Reduce Your IT Expenses

Anytime access and enhanced collaboration are just some assets that cloud-based technologies bring to the table. They also just make good business sense for your company’s bottom line, significantly reducing your IT expenses. The variety of cloud savings can be surprising. What can cloud save you in terms of direct IT expenses?

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Still debating whether the cloud is right for you, or can’t decide which of the great cloud products we offer is best for your business? No problem! Our experts can help.