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Why Implementing an ERP isn’t a DIY Project


Written by Laura Schomaker

November 19, 2021

Modern software solutions are user friendly by definition. The design of many of today’s solutions can make us feel like we can do it all ourselves, including walking our team through implementation. With implementing a solution as all-encompassing as ERP, however, is it really something you want to do alone? ERP isn’t a DIY project, and your business will come out of the implementation process in a much better place when you work with an implementation partner. Here are the reasons you want an ERP implementation partner working with you from selection to go live… and why you shouldn’t go it alone.  

You’ve never done it before.  

The central reason you want an implementation partner for ERP? You’ve likely never done it before. A professional ERP implementation partner has seen it all. They know what happens during an ERP implementation at a company like yours. They know the roadblocks you might encounter, the amount of effort to put in, and the timeline needed to get it done correctly. By working with an implementation partner, you can benefit from their experience to save you time, stress, and money.  

You may not know the real value of ERP. 

Yes, you understand the high-level value of an ERP solution. It gives you a holistic view of your company and your data, enhances collaboration and performance, and streamlines productivity. What you don’t know is all the detail of an ERP solution. An ERP implementation partner does, and they can tune you into some lesser-known tricks of the trade for enhancing the value-add of your ERP solution. You may know a lot, but an ERP partner knows it all.  

You don’t know how to onboard your users. 

Getting your team to invest in your ERP solution can be an uphill battle. People like to do things the way they like to do them. When you are stepping in and telling someone that they have to change how they do their job, you may find yourself faced with some resistance. ERP implementation specialists know how to encourage user adoption. They can design training sessions during go love that encourage enthusiasm and help explain to your team just how much value ERP is bringing to the table. Again, they’ve done this before, so going it alone with training and adoption can leave you with some reluctant end users.  

You don’t have time for ongoing maintenance. 

One of the big virtues of ERP is that these solutions come with ongoing upgrades and updates to the system. While these, of course, only improve your ERP, they can be a lot to monitor. Working with an ERP implementation partner typically involves ongoing maintenance. Your ERP partner will stay on top of this for you, ensuring that your system is up to date, which keeps it secure and enhances its overall performance. You may also need to update your team training as your system updates; a high-quality ERP implementation partner will make sure you have access to the blog posts, videos, and training content you need to keep your team up to speed as your ERP solution grows.  

You can go it alone, but ERP isn’t a DIY project. So, you won’t get the same value out of ERP that you would if you worked with a top-tier ERP specialist. If you want to explore what an ERP implementation partner can do for you and your team, reach out to our team of professionals and see what makes our ERP specialists so good. Do you have your own experience with an ERP implementation partner? Tell us all about it below.  

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