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The Secret to ERP User Adoption

Written by Laura Schomaker

March 25, 2021

When you have spent time and resources implementing a new ERP, you want to see user adoption happen. After all, reluctant adoption undercuts the very purpose of investing in ERP. Without strong ERP user adoption, you won’t get the transformational change you hope an ERP will deliver. How can you encourage your team to adopt new technology? 

Include users in the conversation around ERP from the beginning. 

Engaged users understand how a solution integrates into their workflow and tasks. The best way to cultivate this is to them a part of the conversation early. This will help users feel heard and instill in them a sense of ownership. And just as important, their input in the ERP selection process will make the result more effective. 

Provide training and onboarding.

The need for training should be obvious, but it would surprise you how many businesses drop the ball on this one. When you work with the right ERP consultant, quality training and they will build onboarding into the package. Don’t assume it should stop at an initial session, however. Look for user-triggered web learning opportunities that engage and train users on an ongoing basis. ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics GP offer role-tailored interface cues that provide continued learning as users progress in their ERP adoption.  

Allow space and time for ERP user adoption.

Never lose sight of the fact you’re asking people to change the way they work on a day-to-day basis. It will take time. Understand this and leave space for ERP user adoption to happen naturally. Circle back for regular check–ins with your staff and supervisors in the months that follow launch. Ask role-specific questions, and general ones about the quality of the user experience. Has the process been streamlined and effective so far, or are there gaps that your users need filled in? Don’t forget to ask questions and trust your employees want to get the most out of your ERP solution.  

Break everything down into manageable parts. 

It can help to break adoption down into smaller, more digestible pieces. Build ERP user adoption into your daily schedule and make accommodations for staff who may have to step away from regular tasks to onboard. Temporary help may be in order to ensure everything’s still getting done while your employees learn how to integrate ERP into their daily lives.  

Provide resources to help in the ERP user adoption process.

Make sure that your users have access to the resources they need to learn everything they want to know about ERP. Videos, tutorials, and knowledgebases can all fill in the blanks for your end users and save you time in retraining and refresher courses.  

We all want user adoption to happen quickly and easily when we invest in new solutions. By using these tips, you can ensure that all your stakeholders have what they need to succeed with ERP. If you have your own stories about ERP adoption, let us know all about it in the comments below. To learn more about ERP solutions and how they can help your business, head over to this page to review your options.  

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