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Why a Good ERP Vendor Relationship is so Important and Which Ones Deliver

Written by Laura Schomaker

July 7, 2022

As businesses evaluate ERPs, they consider several factors, including their in-built features and how they can complement internal processes. One issue businesses might not consider is the relationship they have with the ERP vendor who works with them during and after implementation. This core business relationship is consultative by nature and essential to the success of a chosen ERP solution.

Why ERP Vendor Relationship Matters?

Why do you need to consider the quality of your relationship with an ERP vendor? An ERP solution excels when it answers directly to your business’ specific demands. Working with an ERP vendor who maintains a productive and collaborative relationship with your team is an essential part of this process. A good ERP vendor relationship means that the vendor will have a thorough understanding of your business and products, then tailor the ERP’s features to handle these requirements. The positive effects of this strong relationship with your ERP vendor will continue after implementation, as well. As your business grows or scales up, your vendor and implementation partner will be ready to make the best recommendations and strengthen your ERP solution along with your business in the most proactive way possible. 

Which ERP Vendors Deliver on Relationship

Recently, G2 released its “Mid-Market Relationship Index for ERP Systems“ to establish a “Relationship” score for some of the leading solutions in the ERP space, providing benchmarks for product comparison and market trend analysis. G2 calculated each score with a proprietary algorithm that factors in user satisfaction ratings across several relationship-related queries.

Which ERP solution came out on top? Acumatica with an overall relationship score of 9.0 out of a maximum score of 10.0. This score far outpaced the industry average of 7.4, confirming what Acumatica fans already know — that it is one of the most user-friendly and collaborative ERP solutions out there.

Acumatica—Best in Class

How did Acumatica perform across the separate relationship categories? In the Relationship Data category, the ERP solution again scored a 9.0 against an industry average of 8.1. Regarding support, Acumatica registered an 8.4, again well above category averages. Finally, Ease of Business came in for the company at 8.7, underscoring just how much value-add Acumatica can bring to your team.

The survey showed too, how Acumatica excels across different industries. The company offers industry-specific solutions that answer directly to the requirements of their respective niches. Users across multiple sectors were part of the survey, including users in IT, Construction, Retail and Wholesale.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a top-tier relationship with an ERP vendor? Let’s talk! We’ll show you how Acumatica can improve your workflows, increase efficiencies, and take your business to a new level of success.

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