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Becoming a Future Proofed Business: 7 Steps

Written by Laura Schomaker

June 30, 2022

Future proofing your business is more important than ever, considering the pace at which the marketplace moves and technology develops. No business can remain viable if they have to revamp and rethink too often. How can you future proof your business, ensuring productivity and viability in the long term? Implementing future proof technology with these 7 steps is crucial.

1. Connect with Diverse Systems

Collaboration is key, and part and parcel of that is ensuring that diverse systems can play well together. Look for future proof technology that automates workflows and connects business processes via integrations to diverse hardware and software systems. Whether you need analytics and BI, an effective tax management system, or order management systems,

2. Expand Interoperability with Future Proof Technology

Support for interoperability via certified, pre-built integrations can help you create customized processes specific to your business needs. The best solution often come with pre-built integrations in the hundreds, giving you plenty of options to get it right.

3. Build Custom Integrations with Open APIs

Often, custom integrations are necessary. Look for future proof technology that lets you build interfaces with open-source standards, modern REST, and SOAP APIs. Contract-based APIs support upgrades without service disruptions. With Web Services APIs and webhooks, you can enjoy real-time data connectivity and exchange.

4. Transfer Data without Coding

Complex code (and knowledge of code) is no longer necessary to transfer data. Leveraging low-code and no-code tools allows you to transfer data via onetime data transfers, bi-directional data exchanges, or scheduled migrations without coding. The same business logic drives consistency for all transfers, ensuring clean and true data across the board.

5. Leverage Industry-Specific Solutions

Certain industries come with very particular regulations or business needs. In these scenarios, “one size fits all” is not the best answer. Instead, look for solutions that come with industry-specific versions. Modular, modern software solutions often come with industry-specific versions that answer directly to your specific needs, centralize all applications and devices on one platform and give you a 360-degree view of the business.

6. Look for Future Proof Technology that Offers Robust Embedded Capabilities

Today’s business solutions need to deliver big on features and embedded capabilities so that they can scale with your business. Look for solutions with best-in-class functionality, powerful automation, and flexible configuration options that allow a solution to grow with your business.

7. Go with an ERP Solution

One great fix for future proofing your business? Implementing an ERP solution at your company. Some modern ERPs, such as Acumatica, use an inherently future proof technology platform that delivers on all the above needs, and then some. Open architecture, robust integrations, and industry-specific solutions are just the start of what you get with an ERP solution, such as Acumatica.

To explore your options and prepare your business for the future, get in touch with our ERP experts today. Future proofing your business is easy when you have the right solution and consultants working with you.

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