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ERP Application Support: How Vendors Rank

Written by Laura Schomaker

May 12, 2022

ERP solutions have brought a lot of improvements to process, collaboration and more to companies like yours. These solutions need to perform well in the long term, however, for you and your business to get the most out of them. This includes accessing effective and responsive support for your end users when they need it most. Of the top options, which ERP application support teams deliver?

A survey run by G2 in Fall of 2021, “Mid-Market Relationship Index for ERP Systems,” ranked some of the most popular ERP solutions out there based on how they users rate them across “Relationship” factors, including the quality of service provided and the ease of doing business with an ERP provider. G2 awarded badges to products for: Best Relationship (highest overall relationship score), Highest Quality of Support (highest overall quality of support score), and Easiest Doing Business With (highest ease of doing business with score).

The survey creators calculated each product’s score using a proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings for several relationship-related review questions. Each product also received a minimum of 10 reviews and 5 responses from actual users for each of the relationship-related questions featured in the survey.

The Top 5 Options Ranked for ERP Application Support

There were some surprise recipients in the survey’s top 5, including industry heavy hitters. MIE Trak Pro ranked 5th with a total overall score of 8.22, followed by Total ETO and Sage Intacct as we move our way towards number one. Overall, second place went to SAP Business One with an overall score of 8.67.

And the number one slot? Well, it went to Acumatica, of course. The hugely popular ERP solution received an overall rating of 8.88, or 89 percent, placing it well ahead of the industry average of 73 percent. In terms of Quality of Support, it received a 2.98 or 83 percent, placing it well ahead of most of its rivals in this category where an average ranking totals 79 percent.

Acumatica ERP Application Support—A Cut Above

For those who have any experience with Acumatica support, these results should come as little surprise. The company is already renowned for having the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry thanks to several support features, including:

  • An industry-leading VAR network
  • 24/7 access to direct support from Acumatica
  • A thriving online community and comprehensive training resources

Acumatica’s experienced network of resellers and vendors, too, act as an essential component in this support chain, delivering personalized supports to local companies.

Are you ready to see what Acumatica can do at your company? You know you’ll have the support you need to get ahead with this transformative ERP solution. To get started, contact us today.

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