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The Role of Data and Analytics in Business

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September 5, 2019

Today’s Business Environment and Data Volume

The modern business marketplace is a data-driven environment. The role of data is to empower business leaders and decision makers to make decisions based on comprehensive Data Analytics which includes…facts, trends, insights and statistical numbers and metrics. But with so much information in the GP system, decision makers must be able to sift through the noise, and get the right information, so that they can make the best decisions about strategy, direction and growth. If you’re like most analysts and managers, you spend 80% of your day preparing data for basic analysis and reports, and just 20% delivering results that propel your career and the business forward. What is sorely needed, by business today, is an effective and affordable Data Analytic reporting solution to sift through and analyze the massive volume of data that is in your Dynamics GP system. 

It isn’t enough to have the data.  A company needs to develop strategies for marketing, sales, human resources and operations. Getting the right information means knowing what information is important to the company’s decision-making process. Great business leaders use data effectively to make decisions. To develop effective strategies for business success, companies need to be able to perform in-depth and comprehensive analysis of their data.  This is the role of Data Analytics and this is what the Power BI – REPORT PACK for Dynamics GP was designed to do.

Take Your Reporting to The Next Level with The Power BI – Report Pack for Dynamics GP

The Power BI – REPORT PACK for Dynamics GP is a suite of 90+ pre-built, interactive dashboard reports that analyze your GP data and give you a 360-degree view of your operation.  The Report Pack analyzes and surfaces data from your Financials, Sales/Revenue Analysis, Inventory, Purchasing, Project Accounting, and AR & AP.  The Report Pack is not built on outdated Excel technology still in use by many software development companies and vendors today.  The Report Pack is built on Microsoft’s new flagship Power BI Data Analytics platform and features stunning interactive graphics, actionable data insight, predictive analytics (forecasting) and powerful data analytics.  Truly state of the art technology.

The Report Pack was designed with input from over 400 CFO’s, Controllers and Directors/Managers of Accounting and Finance to surface the analytics most important in their decision-making process.   The Report Pack is pre-built and installs same day with no IT involvement necessary. Stop reporting from stale data and start recommending data-driven changes to transform your business using the power of advanced analytics – predictive, prescriptive and geo-spatial.  See your data like never before.  You’ll be glad you did.

We are pleased and excited to announce that Intelligent Technologies has partnered with ETL Source LLC to make the Report Pack for Dynamics GP available to all of its GP clients. The Report Pack is the only pre-built, Power BI reporting solution in the entire world for Dynamics GP.


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