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How ERP and Human Resources Go Hand in Hand

Written by Laura Schomaker

July 29, 2021

We’ve talked a good bit about how ERP can improve internal business processes and your business office. What we haven’t talked about extensively is what ERP brings to the table for your Human Resources department. As with the business office, HR is a department historically weighed down by manual processes, volumes of files, and archaic workflows. Introducing ERP for HR to your company is yet another way in which an advanced ERP system can take your business to a new level by improving efficiency. How? Let’s look at ERP in HR and how it can improve this key internal department.  

Automated Processes 

As in accounting, HR is often rife with manual processes and hard copies of documents. By automating day-to-day processes in human resources, ERP for HR can speed up daily workflow while also making it easier to manage and retrieve employee data. 

Enhanced Performance Tracking 

ERP for HR also simplifies performance tracking of individuals at a company. This makes reward management easier, too. Businesses that reward their employees for strong and consistent work end up with a more well-adjusted and motivated workforce. By making your reward system more reliable, ERP for HR keeps your staff happy, which always improves your chances of reaching your business goals.

Improved Talent Management 

Another benefit of enhanced performance tracking? You can identify the gaps in your staffing before they become problematic. This is just one way in which ERP for HR can make Talent Management and Recruiting easier. Your ERP will also make it easier to manage incoming applications when the time comes to hire and keep track of appealing applicants, if you want to monitor them for future opportunities.  

Detailed Resource Tracking 

ERP for HR also delivers big on resource tracking. For businesses that are project-oriented and have several teams to manage, this streamline resource management can make HR’s life easier and the teams themselves more efficient, as well. It also creates consistency in data and reporting from team to team, not only making HR a happier place but also accounting, as well.  

Integration Across Business Departments 

Before ERP, many businesses have the problem of siloed data from one department to the next. This often results in miscommunication and lost opportunities. ERP for HR offers easy integration between HR and your other key departments. While a dedicated human resources management system might offer a few more features, it won’t integrate readily with data from other departments. The holistic approach of an ERP system is where its true value lies. You will get a more productive HR department, but also one that communicates, collaborates and shares well with other internal departments.  

ERP for HR can have dynamic an impact on your Human Resources department as it does on sales or payroll. What experiences have you had with ERP acting as a transformative force in HR? Tell us all about it below. To explore how ERP can transform your business, look at the ERP solutions that can give your business an edge in HR and beyond.  

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