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ERP for the Hospitality Industry: How It Can Help Your Business Succeed

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Written by Laura Schomaker

November 8, 2020

While ERP has proven its worth in a range of industries, including manufacturing, the hospitality sector is just catching on to one important fact. ERP for the hospitality industry can make a real difference, enhancing customer service, in-house operations, and logisticsHow can ERP transform operations at your hotel, resort, or spa? Let’s discuss.  

A Centralized Management System

Using an ERP centralizes all activities into one system. It gives you an eagle’s eye view of all in-house operations and even if you have multiple locations. Managers can use an ERP to delegate various tasks, including housekeeping, room service, and repairs. This eliminates the chance of human error along the way. That’s because ERPs track and document the entire process. Updates and alerts can help you stay on top of it all to ensure that things are getting done.  


Easier Reservation Management 

Booking systems for hotels and resorts are complex these days. Customers can access listings and make reservations from a variety of sites and devices. Whereas in the past your reception desk held the master controls, now there are many more factors in play and, with them, more room for error. So, reservations are another area an ERP can help you merge records and improve performance. They allow you to view overall occupancy rates, update a room’s status, and even predict future occupancy trends with greater accuracy and ease. 


Delightful Customer Service 

Nothing in hospitality is more important than customer service. Your customers are the lifeblood of your success. So, how effectively you manage, and address customer concerns can make or break your hotel, resort, or spa. Today’s ERP solutions for hospitality not only unify customer service management into a single interface, they also allow you to personalize your service. With them, you can track a guest’s taste, room and restaurant preference, and gain insight into their typical stays. But that’s not all. You can also used it to increase bookings and conversions by offering targeted deals to customers. Not only does this help your bottom line, but your guests will also feel better served, enticing them to remain loyal to your business. A true win-win in business. 


Enhanced Efficiency at your Front Desk 

Reception always has a lot of tasks to stay on top of at a hospitality establishment. with ERP software, you can increase the efficiency and streamline the workflow at your front desk. Whether you are executing room changes, offering discounts, or providing essential such as wake-up calls, your reception area staff will have everything they need, all in one place. 

Fewer Pain Points for your Business Office 

Working with an ERP system in hospitality can make life significantly easier for your business office, especially if you are operating multiple locations. With streamlined accounting processes, for one, you can limit your overhead. You can also view your business’ performance with relative ease and streamline reporting associated with multiple locations or departments  

In such a highly competitive industry as hospitality, gaining the edge that ERP can give you is essential. Do you have your own stories to tell about ERP in the hospitality industry? Let us know all about it in the comments below. If you would like to see how ERP can affect your own hospitality business, explore your ERP hospitality options 

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