True Cloud Applications for Agile and Fast-Growing Businesses

Still think “the cloud” is an overhyped buzzword? The numbers tell a different story. Studies prove repeatedly cloud apps are key to driving SMB growth. See for yourself in the free IDC white paper, “True Cloud Applications for Agile and Fast-Growing Businesses.”

Imagine it’s 2014, visionary small and medium-size businesses are putting their key systems in the cloud. Just one short year later they found this one change had powerful effects on their business…

They saw much better net revenue growth than the competition.

Good news, it’s not too late! Your business can still reap the benefits of the cloud. Learn how.


In “True Cloud Applications for Agile and Fast-Growing Businesses,” you will discover:


  • How moving to the cloud grows the bottom line.
  • Which parts of the business you should migrate first.
  • How the cloud has grown beyond its humble beginnings— no longer a mystical tool used only by early adopters.
  • Why most SMB’s feel the security risks associated with the cloud are small when weighed against the benefits it provides.
  • Six exclusive, expert tips to help you plan your cloud migration.

Don’t waste another minute wondering if the cloud is right for you!


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