The Future of Dynamics SL, What You Need to Know 

Will Dynamics SL support your business’ future or stifle it?

Since 2001, Dynamics SL has built a reputation for being a choice enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution among project focused organizations, those in industries such as professional services, financial services, distribution, construction, etc. As of 2015, there were approximately 13,500 companies, mainly in the US, running their business on Dynamics SL.

But as we all know, the last couple of decades have brought a great deal of change to the technology industry. And one trend that led them all was the explosive growth of the cloud. It went from being a nebulous idea that people outside of the technology industry struggled to understand, to something that has edged its way into nearly every facet of our lives, both personal and professional.

Considering the breakneck pace at which our world and technology are changing, it’s no surprise that some Dynamics SL users and potential buyers are wondering whether a software created over three decades ago can keep up.

Sound familiar?

eBook preview

The Future of Microsoft Dynamics SL, What You Need to Know is a must read!

In it, you will learn:

  1. How the cloud is affecting the future of Dynamics SL.
  2. What the introduction of Microsoft’s cloud ERP (Dynamics 365) means for legacy solutions, like SL.
  3. Why can’t you afford to delay your digital transformation any longer?
  4. How the sudden shift to remote work is changing the way businesses look at ERP.

Plus, expert guidance for next steps should you decide it’s time to move from Dynamics SL to a more modern ERP.

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