7 Telltale Signs You’re Ready for a New Distribution ERP System

Legacy ERPs and basic accounting software might have worked for your distribution business in the past.

But with the unprecedented supply chain challenges of the last couple of years, plus the speed at which technology changes, every distributor eventually reaches a point where they struggle to keep up. How do you know when you’ve reached that point? For many, the signs are hard to miss, but for others, the symptoms are less severe.

As a starting point, ask yourself, do disconnected systems and manual data entry result in untimely and inaccurate information? Do front-line employees lack the information they need to move forward, spot trends, or react to issues as they arise? Must executives access multiple systems cluttered with outdated or incomplete information just to manage their daily activities? Worse yet, does setting long-term company objectives feel more like guessing than making strategic decisions backed by sound data?

It’s time to rethink your distribution business’ back-office processes. Get started by grabbing our latest eBook, “7 Telltale Signs You’re Ready for a New Distribution ERP System.”

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In this eBook, you’ll uncover:

  • Who needs a distribution ERP?
  • How to tell if your current system is working
  • The shocking ways holding onto an outdated distribution ERP chips away at your bottom-line
  • How you can spot the warning signs telling you’re ready for a new distribution ERP

Instead of struggling just to handle your day-to-day operations, how would you like to exceed customer expectations, increase customer lifetime value and boost sales? All the while minimizing customer acquisition costs and churn. Sound impossible?

It’s more than possible. Once you’ve moved your distribution business from shaky ground to a solid foundation by replacing your legacy software with a modern ERP, there’s no limit to what your business can do.

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