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ERP Software Demo Benefits: Why You Can’t Afford to Overlook Them

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Written by Laura Schomaker

July 30, 2020

When searching for an ERP solution, you can spend a lot of time and effort looking at multiple vendors and offerings. This, coupled with the large amount of information involved in any ERP system, can make it a complex process. Bypassing ERP software demos can make your choice that much more difficult. By vetting your shortlist of ERP vendors with ERP software demos, you can garner a number of benefits that provide insight and clarity into the selection process. Let’s look at just some of the ERP software demo benefits and how they can help your selection team when making this pivotal business decision.

An ERP demo provides clarity for all stakeholders at your company.

ERP software has many moving parts. The very nature of ERP means that it involves a number of different components that affect multiple departments at your company. These numerous stakeholders all have requirements and will want to know if an ERP solution addresses their specific needs. A demo allows everyone to assess an ERP solution and its feature set in greater detail, so that they can rest assured (or not so assured) that it’s the right option for them. If anyone can’t be there for the demo, consider recording it so that they can review and provide feedback at a later date.

An ERP demo shows who can deliver.

You have a lot of options available to you when it comes to ERP solutions. Winnowing down the field can be difficult when considering multiple vendors, and a software demo can clarify a lot. It can also show you which companies deliver on the promises made during their initial pitches. Use software demos during your final round to determine whether a vendor’s solution is as promising as they said.

An ERP demo lets you see software in action.

A “hands-on” experience is essential when choosing software. What is the UI like? Is it easy to navigate? Does the feature set in a solution answer all of your needs? Sometimes, it can be difficult to assess for these issues until you get in there and see the software in action. Simply seeing a checklist of items is nothing in comparison to watching features play out in real time.

An ERP demo lets you experience a day in the life at your company.

Any demo should include a comprehensive walkthrough of a day in the life of your company. Provide your ERP vendor candidates with the data sampling they need to customize transactions in the demo. They should then walk you through a day in the life at your company during the demo, showing you how everything from order entries to QC and manufacturing actions can be executed. Only in this way can you determine how viable a solution is for you and your stakeholders.

An ERP demo gives you an opportunity to ask questions.

Finally, an ERP demo gives you the time and space to ask every question you may have about a vendor’s solution. Make sure that you take comprehensive notes during the demo and also make note of how constructive and detailed the vendor is in their response. Dotting these last few I’s and crossing these t’s can be just the information you need to make your final decision.

Looking for an ERP solution can involve an overwhelming amount of information, both on the vendor end and from your perspective. By participating in the ERP demo process, you can sidestep vendor blur and ensure that you make the best ERP decision for your company. Ready to see these ERP software demo benefits for yourself? Schedule your personalized demo with one of our Microsoft or Acumatica experts today.

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