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6 Must Have ERP Features: Narrowing Down Your ERP Options

Written by Laura Schomaker

December 15, 2022

There are a lot of ERPs out there. Narrowing down your choices and finding the right one can be complex and confusing. To help, we’ve put together a list of the must have ERP features you need to look for when vetting a new ERP solution. These features can help ensure you get the most out of your ERP, benefiting you, your business, and your team.

Interconnection Between Applications

Yes, at its most basic level, ERP does a great job of streamlining accounting. The best of today’s ERP solutions, however, offer functionality that includes advanced financial management and links back-office and front-office capabilities, connecting sales, customer management, finances, and more. Don’t just settle for improvements in the business office. A truly great ERP should transform things across all your departments.

Industry-Specific Expertise and Focus

The best of ERP today can also come with specific industry expertise that answers to the needs of your niche. Organizations must integrate industry and unique business processes into their solution to maximize their ERP benefits. Look for an ERP solution with industry expertise and open architecture that brings out the best in your company in very industry-specific ways.

Mobile Capabilities

Your team works everywhere and anywhere today. ERP systems with mobile capabilities enable companies to keep workflows moving 24/7. Look for a solution with an intuitive mobile interface that lets users pick up their last task, view automated alerts, and act quickly in response. Solutions such as Acumatica offer on-the go-mobility that lets users personalize their mobile desktop to complete tasks, such as approving transaction, on their mobile devices. Everyone from sales to customer service will work more efficiently and seamlessly.

A Scalable Design

Another of our must have ERP features is scalability. So, look for a provider that supports unlimited users. Acumatica’s consumption-based licensing lets companies add as many users as they want without added fees. You can also assign role-based rules to users to better secure sensitive data.

A Future-proof Tech Stack

Fueling long-term growth starts with a solid foundation that can grow at the speed of today’s business and tech, developing quickly and easily. When vetting ERP solutions, look for a tech stack with an open architecture that leverages the latest technologies. Proprietary and legacy systems can hold you back and can require extensive programming when the time comes to grow. Solutions such as Acumatica live on future-proof platforms with open architectures, and feature innovative web development environment, open source SQL servers and more.

Advanced Analytics

Succeeding in today’s fiercely competitive market requires informing strategic and routine decisions. Companies must extract, analyze, and deliver insights from across the enterprise. Make sure to only take on ERP technology that automatically aggregates data from across your enterprise and presents that actionable information quickly, so that you can make the most informed and up-to-date decisions.

A Flexible Cloud-based Platform

Insist on a native cloud-based ERP solution that offers the flexibility and scalability to support multiple entities globally. When built on a modern cloud, the right ERP can provide security and global support with multi-language, multi-currency, and localization services. Open application programming interfaces (APIs) enable data to flow in and out of the centralized database from multiple sources and make one version of truth accessible to all. As a result, you will be better able to configure workflows and add new applications with little or no programming.  

Ready to learn more about ERP and find a solution with each of these must have ERP features and more? Let’s talk. We’ll walk you through how ERP can position your company for a dynamic business future.

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