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What is mobile ERP and how can it help me?

Written by Laura Schomaker

October 13, 2022

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, has made a big name for itself in business connecting everything from accounting to your CRM in one place to optimize business processes and enhance overall productivity and growth. With ERP established, many businesses are now realizing the added value of mobile ERP, a solution that is ideally positioned to serve our changing, modern workplace.

What is Mobile ERP?

Essentially, it’s ERP in the palm of your hand. Many of your team are working remotely today, and they always have a mobile device or tablet with them. These tools empower your team to access essential business data, collaborate, and do their jobs from anywhere. Mobile access, in fact, is an increasingly important must-have feature for cloud ERP.

What It Means for Your Business

Advanced ERP solutions such as Acumatica come with a mobile ERP app to empower your mobile workforce, each of which brings real value add to your operations. Features to look for include:

  • Receipt and expense report management—Using the camera on a smartphone, your team can quickly scan new receipts, streamlining the expense report process. The app automatically converts these scanned images into expense receipts and also provides access to historical data related to expenses.   
  • Report access—For the business office and C-Suite, mobile ERP delivers real-time access to reports and dashboards, empowering more dynamic business intelligence (BI) and decision making.
  • Remote time entry—Teams can gain remote access to timecards and time sheets to make time tracking and payroll faster and more efficient.
  • Mobile Customer Service—The most problematic CS calls always seem to come in when you’re away from the office. With mobile CS in your ERP, you can address CS issues on the go, supplement cases with images, and even take voice-to-text notes.
  • Field Services—Companies with teams out in the field can also benefit from the advanced field services tools many of these apps offer. They can perform daily appointment work on their mobile devices, enter and update inventory, review appointments, and even submit job site photos to track project progress.

It’s easy to see from just this short list of features how effective mobile ERP can be at optimizing your workflows. Acumatica also comes with a Mobile Application Framework that gives you the ability to develop your own, customized mobile apps and directly address your unique business needs.

Are you ready to put this technology to work for your company? We’re experts on all things ERP and can walk you through the next steps in your mobile ERP journey. Contact us today to get started!

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