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Acumatica API: What is it? What can it do for me?

Written by Laura Schomaker

December 8, 2022

You may be familiar with the far-ranging features available in Acumatica. Still, one feature whose technical specifics may elude you is Acumatica’s API. What is an API exactly, and what can it do for you? Let’s start with some basics, then transition into specifics about just how Acumatica APIs can help you.

What is an API?

API stands for application programming interface. This interface contains a set of protocols and definitions for integrating software applications so they can send data to one another. By using an API, a product or service can communicate with other products and solutions without seeing “behind the curtain,” so to speak.

API integration saves time and money for solutions during the development cycle. But also makes it easier to access new opportunities and benefit from third-party solutions as your business grows and its needs change.  

The Acumatica API: The Specifics

First off, Acumatica’s APIs are “open” APIs. This means that they provide open interfaces, allowing for seamless integration with other solutions. Some cloud-based APIs are (yes) “closed,” giving some companies what they think is an advantage in their niche.

Beyond that, Acumatica’s API designers offer three types of APIs: screen-based and contract-based APIs and RESTful APIs. Thus, placing the API management decision in the hands of the user, allowing them to choose the type that best fits their business entity’s needs.

Screen-based APIs (exposed as a SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol interface), the API are easy to use, Acumatica specific and flexible. However, as a screen-bound interface, any change incurred in the screen changes the API itself. 

That’s why Acumatica also offers contract-based APIs, which include support for OData (open data protocol). Contract-based APIs are not bound to screen. Instead, they operate with business logic objects and their methods and properties. They use an object model the web services API provides. They do not change based on system localization, customization, or other adjustments made to the ERP, such as form edits.

Finally, in 2017, Acumatica became a REST-based system, in keeping with industry-wide trends. This flexible, scalable, and portable approach to APIs offers some of the easiest and most dynamic ways to integrate with other solutions.

What Acumatica APIs Mean for You

How does all this translate for you in your business? With our forward-thinking approach to open APIs, we give your company the ability to develop the ERP solution that works best for your needs. If there is a third-party niche solution that is an absolute must in your space, chances are it can “play nice” with Acumatica. Connected businesses are successful businesses, and Acumatica supports that.

Want to learn more about Acumatica and how it can change your business? Dive deeper into the fastest growing cloud ERP with a demo. Or learn more about how its APIs can support your business goals with this video.

Want an Inside Look at Acumatica?

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