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Reduce Costs With ERP: 5 Surprising Ways

Written by Laura Schomaker

February 23, 2023

Implementing any software is an investment, and you always want to know what ROI will happen post-implementation. We’ve already discussed how putting off ERP can be bad for business. What you may not realize is how significantly ERP directly affects your business costs, reducing spend across your operations to deliver big on ROI. The following are 5 ways you can reduce business costs with ERP.

Reduce Operational Costs with ERP

ERP can go a long way towards reducing operational costs across departments at your company. How does it do this? In part, by improving efficiency and streamlining processes. This can affect operational costs across the board, from reducing the supplies your teams uses to work to the actual number of hours your workers put in on a project.

Improved Data Access with ERP

Another massive improvement that ERP supports is the easy exchange of and access to data. How can this impact your business costs? For one, it improves collaboration within teams and between departments. It also eliminates instances of human error which can reduce costs on two levels: by reducing the time your teams waste fixing errors and by ensuring that your business decisions are as informed and accurate as possible.

Streamlined Inventory and Supply Chain

For many companies, staying on top of inventory and the supply chain is some of the most complex and labor-intensive work you can do in a day. When problems arise, too, inventory and supply chain issues can have a big impact on everything from customer satisfaction to productivity. ERP helps to streamline inventory, giving you a bird’s eye view on every product on your shelves and in your warehouses, while also helping you track all supplies and materials across the supply chain with greater clarity and efficiency.

Improved Customer Experience

We’ve already touched on one way in which ERP can improve customer satisfaction, but did you know it can touch on and improve almost every customer touch point, as well? ERP creates a cohesive picture of the customer journey, allowing you to stay on top of leads, improve the experience of existing customers, and make targeted recommendations that enhance brand loyalty and increase revenues. From the first click on an ad to a closed sale, you will have a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ needs.

Reduced Need for IT

Finally, ERP can help you save big with your IT team. Gone are the days of needing a deep IT bench to implement and maintain a holistic business solution. With an ERP solution, you won’t have to worry about updates, ongoing maintenance or troubleshooting. This time saving translates into big IT staff cost savings.

How much could you be saving? Let’s talk. Our ERP experts can walk you through how the right ERP solution can help you reduce business costs. There’s no time like the present to reduce costs with ERP and improve your bottom line.

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