Is ERP Not Suitable for Me? How to Tell.

by Feb 16, 2023ERP Research, Expert advice0 comments

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Countless businesses leverage ERP these days, it seems, bringing value to everything from smaller manufacturing companies to large-scale retailers. Is it always the best answer for a company, however? Here are some reasons people commonly often mistakenly assume ERP not suitable for their needs.

You run a small outfit.

Many businesses think they don’t need ERP because they keep operations compact. These companies may sell themselves short, however, and they may not be aware of just how much an ERP can touch at a company. Even in companies with smaller teams and fewer departments can benefit from the enhanced collaboration, efficiency and productivity that comes with ERP.

Your budget is tight.

For some companies, especially SMBs, a large-scale implementation can intimidate, and cost is a main reason to think ERP is not suitable. After all, implementing a holistic solution such as ERP can require a sizable upfront capital expenditure, right? Not at all. Many of today’s best ERP solutions are subscription-based, eliminating the need for a big upfront payout.

You work in a niche industry.

Given the niche demands in many industries these days, a “one size fits all” ERP may not be right for every company, it’s true. There are, however, ERP versions out today that are tailormade for specific industries. While a generic ERP solution might not answer your business’ needs, an industry-specific one just might. When asking yourself, “Do I need an ERP,” remember that there just may be a version out there that meets the unique requirements of your space.

You don’t have an IT team.

IT can be expensive, and many companies don’t maintain a large IT bench. Companies without in-house IT may feel that’s a sign they don’t need an ERP solution. After all, doesn’t it require a lot of oversight during implementation and a lot of ongoing maintenance? Not really. Today’s ERP solutions, including cloud-based offerings, make implementation easier and leave ongoing maintenance to the ERP itself. If you think IT requirements make ERP not suitable, it may pleasantly surprise you to learn the truth.

By working with the right ERP vendor, you can ensure that you find the right ERP solution that is the best answer for your company. They’ll walk you through all the details, identifying the right solution for your business’ needs, budget, scope, and more. Find out if ERP is right for your business. Schedule a no strings attached consultation.