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5 Ways ERP Can Help Optimize Supply Chain Costs

Written by Laura Schomaker

July 28, 2022

Supply chain management is not only complex but also costly. So, optimizing supply chain costs must be one of the first tasks in supply chain management. While there are many approaches to this, one method is gaining momentum—the ERP solution. How can implementing ERP software help optimize supply chain costs? Here are five ways to consider.

1. ERP enhances collaboration.

ERP is a holistic solution, meaning it gives you a way to manage everything at once rather than brick by brick. Supply chain leaders who effectively manage costs can align and collaborate with stakeholders around crucial operating outcomes. By implementing a collaboration-focused solution such as ERP, it will better position you to drive innovation around operating outcomes that optimize cost.

2. ERP delivers on analytics.

How can you assess which of your operating outcomes is cost effective? By tracking the right analytics. ERP solutions give you an easy way to access and analyze data at every touch point on your supply chain. With ERP in hand, you will develop cost analysis models that drive the best and most cost-effective business decisions for your company. 

3. ERP makes it easier to troubleshoot.

Effective QC is at the heart of effective supply chain management. The very detailed, real-time metrics you have access to in ERP solutions allow you to spot issues sooner and resolve them more efficiently.  

Getting ahead of pain points is one of the best ways to troubleshoot the supply chain. That is always hard to do when your supply chain is not as transparent as it should be. How many times have you scrambled to find a lost shipment? ERP delivers big on transparency, providing a clear view of processes across the supply chain and allowing you to get ahead of problems before they escalate. And what costs you more than a big disruption?

4. ERP improves your customer service.

As an extension of that, consider what ERP can do for your CS endeavors. Some ERPs come with an in-built CRM, for one. So, when trouble happens for your customers, you can leverage the transparency of your ERP to find, isolate, and address that problem immediately. Even the best supply chain management means little when customer complaints surface; ERP helps ensure a great customer experience so you can keep that revenue coming in.

5. ERP gives you the “big picture.”

Finally, ERP is one of the best ways to get that all-important “big picture” of the supply chain. It merges all data in a single, user-friendly space, and pushes that data out to users in visual ways that make the data easy to parse. You can plan for the long term, viewing the entire business, rather than jumping from one bit of siloed information to the next. Ready to experience for yourself how ERP can optimize supply chain costs? Get in touch with the team of Get in touch with our team of ERP experts. They can help you find the right ERP solution for supply chain cost optimization, while also bringing value to other parts of your operations.

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