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How Cloud ERP Can Help With Business Continuity


Written by Laura Schomaker

February 3, 2022

Business continuity is essential for businesses no matter the industry. There’s no shuttering today’s modern business. You need to be up and running 24/7. Expected downtimes are sometimes necessary; unexpected downtimes can be downright disastrous. Your customers and clients expect you to be there all the time. Any downtimes in production can mean the beginning of the end for companies in certain spaces. If you run a business in the digital age, you must have a business continuity plan in place. Cloud ERP, with its comprehensive controls and outlook on data, can be just the tool you need to effectively ensure continuity today, tomorrow and everyday. How does ERP help with business continuity?

Organizes and cleans your data

Rule #1 for business continuity in a data-driven age? Make sure your data is in order. The very nature of an ERP implementation means that your data gets cleaned and organized. Implementing an ERP solution at your company can also provide some essential insights into what that data is doing and how you are leveraging it. With ERP in place, you will be better positioned to survive even the most unexpected downtimes.

Removes human error from the equation

Inaccurate or repetitive data entries can muddy your system and lead to outages, downtimes and halts in production. Especially in spaces such as manufacturing. This is where communication between different sectors is required to keep production up and running. Any human error can trigger a glitch in continuity. ERP automates many processes that have historically been manual. This allows you to eliminate one major cause of downtimes and errors.

Gives you a backup plan

With cloud ERP, you have a backup plan built in for when you need to navigate downtimes. The cloud will keep your data secure. Meaning that you never need to worry about losing access to essentials. When an implementation is executed with the right ERP consultant, you can have process-oriented backup plans in place. As well as including middleware solutions that can sustain you in the interim. Whether you need to go down for an update or a ‘deus ex machina’ event causes the unexpected, you will have contingencies in place.

Enables true collaboration

Lastly, we all remember what it was like navigating work when we couldn’t go into the office. The onset of 2019 resulted in new lessons in business continuity for almost every company. ERP’s remote collaboration tools and data consolidation ensures that no matter where you or your team are, you will be able to get the job done and pivot, as needed. Manage your finances, perfect that email blast, or just brainstorm together from anywhere. It’s all easy with ERP.

Business continuity is essential in today’s environment. Make sure that your business is prepared for any contingency by leveraging the flexibility and scalability of ERP at your company. Plus, ERP will not only give you the tools you need to survive any downtimes, it will also allow you to improve productivity. Plus, performance in-house too. Interested in exploring how ERP can help you with business continuity? Get in touch with our experts today.

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