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Why ERP is crucial for a post COVID business world

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Written by Laura Schomaker

August 27, 2021

2020 was a year for the record books. The COVID pandemic had (and continues to have) an enormous impact on the business world. Not only did it force some creative thinking from many businesses, it also redefined how we work. For the businesses that made it through or are starting up in an era of renewed possibilities, technology such as ERP will lead the way. What is the role of ERP in a post COVID world?  

ERP will be at the center of new business, providing the solutions, timesaving benefits, and advantages companies need to succeed. How will ERP accomplish that? 

ERP supports remote work 

If COVID taught the business world anything, it’s that working remotely is a workable option for almost any organization. Moreover, many organizations are allowing their workers to remain in remote mode, having realized the benefits of reduced operational overhead, lowered stress, etc.  

ERP brings immense value to remote working, providing ways to collaborate, access data, and communicate from anywhere. ERP also creates a single pane of glass through which to view a business, ensuring that workers remain in sync with business goals large and small, no matter where they are.  

ERP drives better decision making 

An advanced ERP system provides you with access to the data you need to drive powerful business insights. Not only is this data consistent and unified across your company, it is also real-time data, meaning you are making truly informed and actionable decisions.  

Real-time decision making is essential in a fluctuating world, as COVID showed us. With ERP, you can view financials on a rolling basis, for example, as opposed to waiting to receive a monthly report from the business office.  

The best in ERP solutions also offer flexible reporting capabilities which you can customize directly to your needs, as well as open designs that allow you to push data out to external BI (business Intelligence) tools which can further enhance your decision making. All in, ERP is a holistic tool which supports quality business insights in a tumultuous world.  

ERP is flexible by definition 

When COVID-19 appeared, many sectors took a big hit. Businesses had to adjust in an instant to survive. Options such as switching from a storefront to an online portal were necessary survival techniques for many. ERP supports this in its inherent flexibility, allowing you to adjust as needed. Working in partnership with a great ERP consultant can also ensure that you have an ERP system in place that works for you now, but will also continue to fit your needs in the wake of unforeseen circumstances. ERP can also scale up or down, as needed; so, if tough times appear again, you can dial back with ease. And if your business continues to grow? Great—ERP will grow right with you.     

ERP is an all-in-one business solution which provides you with a wide range of collaboration, efficiency, and organizational tools. In the post-COVID era, those are inarguable assets. What do you see as the role of ERP in post COVID world? Tell us your own story in the comments below. If you would like to explore how ERP can change your approach to business, contact us today.  

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