How Acumatica Cloud ERP Helps Remote Workers Stay Productive

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Remote working has been gaining momentum for years. After the tumultuous year that was 2020, it has solidified itself as a viable option for workers and companies around the world. But managing remote workers is, at times, difficult: How can one ensure your staff stays productive and engaged when working from home? Acumatica can help, here’s how: 

Working remotely with AcumaticaUsers can stay on top of projects from anywhere

Users enjoy anytime, anywhere access to your data and projects. Someone working from home doesn’t have to be ‘working in the dark’ and can access real-time updates on project developments. Acumatica’s dashboard enables real-time collaboration and fast decision making on team projects. 

Working remotely with Acumatica Users won’t be slowed down

Ensuring that workers can work effectively from home is always a concern. Especially when you add in new technologies. Acumatica enhances productivity and considers the user experience at every turn. Acumatica features a modern UI and flexible workflows that make user adoption easy. In fact, the UI can switch between multiple modes (user, process, and company), giving your end users what they need and decreasing learning curves for anyone new to the system or related technologies.  

Working remotely with AcumaticaYou can stay on top of productivity

From management’s perspective, Acumatica is no less dynamic and offers some comprehensive general and project management tools. You can check in on user productivity via a suite of reports and tracking tools. And, of course, access project status via the Dashboard anytime.  

You also don’t need to worry your users’ productivity might slow because they are bogged down with data entry tasks. Or that back-office employees, such as those in accounting, are being held up because they’re not receiving the information they need to do their jobs. Acumatica uses machine learning and AI to automate day to day, weekly, and monthly tasks, such as processing receipts and generating expense reports.  

Final Points 

A concern for many businesses when they go remote is security. Working in the cloud with Acumatica is, in fact, incredibly secure. So, you don’t need to worry about remote working putting your business data at riskFinally, Acumatica can scale with your company. Its licensing structure allows you to add users as your headcount grows, making it a practical and cost-effective software solution for any business 

What have your experiences working remotely with Acumatica been? We would love to hear from you in the comments below. If you would like to learn more about Acumatica Cloud ERP and how it can support and enhance remote working at your company, start exploring this innovative technology and more today.  

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