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How Manufacturers Can Succeed in Industry 4.0

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The unfortunate truth is, many manufacturers have adopted industry 4.0 and not gotten the results they’d hoped for. Leaving many to question whether it’s a trend that can really help their business, or if it’s just a bunch of hype.

Don’t make the same mistakes many of your peers who tried and failed with industry 4.0 did. 

Read “ERP’s Role in the Modern Manufacturer: Supporting the Needs of Industry 4.0.”

You’ll learn:

  • Leading manufacturers’ strategies for success.
  • How industry 4.0 can be the key to boosting your bottom line.
  • Discover what leading manufacturers already know about the power of cloud ERP.
  • Strategies for improving visibility into your business processes.
  • How to improve your operations with the right business analytics.

Manufacturers who don‘t correctly implement Industry 4.0 risk being left behind.


By 2020:


Manufacturers expected to be highly digitized


Expected yearly cost reduction seen by Industry 4.0 adopters


Projected increase in productivity and resource efficiency seen by Industry 4.0 adopters

About the Report’s Author

At the time of the report’s writing, Nick Castellina was Vice President and Research Director, Business Planning and Execution for the Aberdeen Group. Castellina joined Aberdeen in 2010; with his primary research focused on the use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. His enterprise applications research explores how ERP is used differently across industries, and how it can apply to all roles within the organization. To round out his research practice, Castellina leads yearly studies on Enterprise Performance Management, Business Process Management, Professional Services Automation, and project management. His financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting research has extended his coverage into more general financial management topics, including tax management, accounting, reporting, compliance, treasury and risk, and the office of the CFO. In addition to these topics, Castellina manages the analysts in Aberdeen’s Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Product Innovation and Engineering, and Financial Management & GRC research practices.