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Acumatica Pricing

Acumatica pricing is different. Pay only for what you use. Not by headcount.

Most traditional ERPs charge you based on the number of users you have. Even adding casual users, suppliers or customers who only need to use a small portion of the system can get expensive quickly. For growing organizations, this often means making tough choices about who should get access to your company’s most important software. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine if you could give everyone access to what they need without worrying about a ballooning budget. Wouldn’t your team be so much more efficient? Your support staff would no longer have to answer simple questions that customers and suppliers could answer themselves with access to their account details. Instead, they could focus on more pressing issues and resolve those faster. Plus, when everyone can keep their eyes on crucial data, you will spot trends before the competition and respond to them.

Acumatica Pricing Is Based on 3 Factors

  1. License type
  2. Applications needed
  3. Amount of data storage and computing power required

License Types

  • A SaaS subscription (you pay an annual fee to run the software on the public cloud)
  • Private cloud subscription (you pay an annual fee to run the software on your server or through a hosting provider)
  • Private perpetual license (you pay a onetime fee for the license and a recurring annual maintenance fee for the software. Then, you deploy it on your own server (or one owned by your hosting provider). This option is like how you would buy a legacy ERP.


Acumatica offers a wide variety of applications, each of which integrate with the others. So, you can build the system that fits your needs. Choose from the following.

Start small with one or two and add others as your business grows and your needs change. The choice is yours. 

Data Storage and Computing Power Requirements 

Acumatica offers several tiers of computing resources customers can choose from. But you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Our Acumatica experts are here to help you choose the right fit. 

That said, this is based on the resources you will need to complete your expected number of transactions. Again, you can start small and add or subtract resources as your needs change. Acumatica never locks you in. 

Want to Learn More About Acumatica?

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