Acumatica Accounting System for Small Business

Connect your field services team with the back office for better efficiency and higher customer satisfaction.

Why Acumatica


Managing your back office and field services on separate systems creates a lot of bottlenecks and confusion, which only hurt your client relationships. Why suffer with these issues when you can avoid them?

The answer is simple – a single system to manage it all. When your field service software connects to your back office, suddenly all the pieces fall together. You can see exactly what issues are impacting the customer experience and your bottom line and respond.

Take a quick look under the hood at Acumatica Field service software and discover what makes it different in this five-minute video.

Key Benefits of Acumatica Field Service Software

Ensure the right people get to the right place at the right time

Matching your techs with the right service calls has never been so easy. Enter the key details and assign it to an available technician with the right skills. Create your weekly or daily service schedules automatically, or manually using a drag-and-drop tool.

Check your route without switching programs

Get real-time information about a customer location, drive time and more from Google maps. Need to make last-minute changes to the route? No problem. The maps automatically redraw themselves and update on the technician’s mobile device.

Avoid route planning headaches

Optimize your routes automatically based on current schedules. You can even choose what type of appointments you’d like to include in each route using any of the several available filters. Once you’re happy with the routes, Acumatica plots them out on Google maps and sends them to each service person, along with a list of resources they’ll need. And, since it loads the route on the tech’s mobile device, it reacts as traffic conditions shift.


Add emergency calls to the schedule in seconds

Use the same visual editor you used to create the original schedule to add in emergency calls. See in an instant how your changes will affect the assigned tech’s schedule. Send updates to their mobile device with the new service call details.

Keep your staff connected on the device of your choice

Whether you use mobile devices or laptops, all you need to run Acumatica is a web browser. Or, if you’re using a smaller screen, like a smart phone, you might prefer a mobile app. For those users, Acumatica offers both iOS and android solutions.

Track the maintenance needs of every piece of equipment you sell

Keep in depth notes on the location and service history of all equipment. Each machine’s maintenance record follows it for its entire useful life. Create preventative service schedules and tie them back to the related client and contract via the CRM app (sold separately).

Make the most of your service contracts as a source of recurring revenue

Dashboards keep renewal dates for each contract front and center. So, they won’t go by unnoticed. If you have clients who own multiple pieces of equipment, you can create and manage service schedules for each one and set the appointments using the Schedule Calendar Board.


Put an end to warranty confusion

Define your warranty offers and choose which parts of each product you’ll cover. By creating and following a strict policy, you can avoid errors, confusion and conflicts. Even if you set unique warranty periods for some parts within a piece of equipment, it’s easy to stay on top of it all.

Avoid wasteful spending with a close eye on your tools and repair parts

Losing repair parts or tools is easy when they’re spread across warehouses and vehicles. But this not only leads to wasteful spending, it also affects the quality of service you deliver. But Acumatica weaves inventory and purchasing together. So, shortages trigger re-orders and stock goes where it’s most needed.

Stay up-to-date with the information that matters most to you

Bring meaning to your raw data with rich visuals to help you spot trends and track your progress in real time. Combine the data from Acumatica field service software with other sources using Power BI for a truly eye-opening and awe-inspiring view of your business.


Handle large installations with integrated project accounting software

Managing large installations requires special skill and tools. With so many moving parts, equipment, tasks and people, keeping track of it all can be a real chore. That’s where Acumatica project accounting comes in. It gives you a single place to track all phases of the project and compare original and revised budgets with actual costs in real time.

Why Acumatica Field Service?

Now we have 25 Field Services Reps, five operating as full-time on-site support technicians at universities and corporate campuses. In 2017 we logged nearly 1,300 service tickets, 2018 was double that at least. We use Acumatica’s case system and Field Services to track tickets.

— Kelly Burns, ERP Developer & Former Chief Operating Officer, M3 Technology Group

Acumatica Field Services Software Includes

Equipment Management

Track each client’s equipment and schedule their preventative maintenance visits. (Sold separately)

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Service Management

Get the right technician to the right job every time using the visual Dispatch Calendar Board.
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Advanced Financials

Go beyond core financials. Add subaccounts, GL consolidation, automatic revenue recognition and more.

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