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Fall 2022 Update: Acumatica Vs NetSuite Key Differentiators

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Written by Laura Schomaker

December 1, 2022

Are you looking at Acumatica and NetSuite for your business? We’ve updated our list of Acumatica vs Oracle NetSuite key differentiators for Fall 2022. If you are weighing the pros and cons of going with either of these popular SaaS ERP software options, read on.


Usability is not just about an individual user’s experience. It also affects training, adoption, productivity and more. For those reasons, the usability of any ERP platform you consider should be a top priority. How does this factor into the debate of Acumatica vs NetSuite key differentiators?

Acumatica gets full marks, encouraging all employees and trading partners to access and collaborate in real time within its ERP suite. The Acumatica UX is easy to use. End-users can create and adjust business processes via an intuitive, visual engine and control dashboards, forms, tables, and event triggers.

NetSuite’s business management software’s performance on this front? Not so engaging or dynamic.


Many times, SMBs feel sticker shock down the line as the “truth” of their ERP’s pricing structure becomes clearer. That’s why predictable costs are imperative for smart financial management and optimizing profits.

Acumatica’s unique to the ERP market, unlimited user pricing model is one of its biggest differentiators. It gives customers a clear and reliable idea of pricing throughout the life of the ERP system. The company’s intentional, customer focused policies that ensure users can make the most of their software. This list includes a Customer Bill of Rights, which protects all customers from unreasonable price increases for life.

NetSuite, unfortunately, can come with some sticker shock down the line as licensing costs pile up. Companies that need to add seasonal, hybrid, or part-time workers risk escalating their NetSuite costs significantly. In addition, transaction volumes can also incur resource consumption fees based on Service Tiers.

Implementation Process & Risk

NetSuite offers what seems like a sweet deal for implementation, offering half off and sometimes even free implementation to new customers. Sounds almost too good to be true, right? It’s often one of the key reasons businesses choose NetSuite. Unfortunately, that big discount via NetSuite’s “Suite Success” offering can leave you exposed to substantial risks during initial implementation.

With a strict scope and timeline, many customers end up having to extend their NetSuite implementation to get what they need. This is especially true for companies that need advanced functionality like inventory management for instance. Sometimes, they find the installation does not support their needs at all with this “discounted” implementation. In fact, it’s a problem so big that some implementation partners have dedicated business models to “rescue” failed NetSuite deployments. Still, I doubt the ERP implementation process is something you’d like to go through twice

Want to dig deeper into the Acumatica vs NetSuite key differentiators’ discussion? Check out this detailed solution brief, which compares these accounting systems in depth.

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