Acumatica Project Accounting Software

Projects have a lot of moving parts. Manage them all with a single system.

Why Acumatica

Succeeding as a project focused business gets tougher every year. You face growing competition and customer demands. To manage all of this while still maintaining a healthy bottom line, you need the right tools. Something to help you bring everything together in one place. And, that is exactly what Acumatica project accounting software and Intelligent Technologies Inc. delivers.

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Key Benefits of Acumatica Project Accounting Software

Budgets that make it easy to see where you stand

Real-time reports let you compare actual costs with revised and original budgets by period. Never miss a hidden cost. Show all costs in your budget, including labor, nonstock items, services and more for an accurate accounting.

Project costs tracked from beginning to end

Enjoy a complete view of all costs related to each project, including inventory items, services and labor.

Choose the financial periods that make sense for you

Take the hassle out of managing more than one company, each with their own fiscal periods. With Acumatica, companies on the same tenant can set their own year end dates at the branch level. This is great for companies who share employees, vendors or stock items, but run on different calendars.


Decide how and when you want to recognize revenue

Opt to recognize revenue using the completed tasks or percentage of completion method. No matter which you choose your GL journal entries are always up to date.

Manage projects across the globe without all the headache

Dealing with many projects, each funded in their own currency can be a real pain. But not with Acumatica. Enter transactions in the currency that’s right for the project. Review actual revenue and costs and calculate profits in both the project currency and your own.

Why Acumatica Project Accounting?

We asked Acumatica to automate time tracking for people working in the field. They listened and delivered the Acumatica Project Accounting Suite that allows us to accurately track project profitability.

— Charlie Hutchinson, CFO, IntraCoastal Environmental

Acumatica Project Accounting Includes

Advanced Billing

Choose from many billing types, time and materials, cost plus, milestone, contract specific or fixed-price. Bill labor and materials based on the client’s unique situation. Adjust billing rates by project, task, inventory item or account group.

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Project Cost Tracking

See all costs tied to each of your projects, like inventory, material, services and labor. Spread shared ones and overhead across all projects.

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Time and Expense Management

Give employees, contractors and other partners the power to enter their time and expenses from anywhere, using only their browser.

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