Acumatica Reporting and Business Intelligence

Unlock the answers hidden in your raw data.

Why Acumatica

Your ERP should include business intelligence and reporting tools that help you make sense of the mounds of raw data it collects daily. The easier it is to turn data into information, the more confident you can be in your decisions.

Acumatica includes a variety of reporting tools that do just that. Finally, you can move beyond simple cash flow statements and balance sheets. True business intelligence gives you the power to understand the health of your company at a glance. And, spot trends fast so you can be the first to respond.

Explore how Acumatica helps you turn raw data into smart decisions with this three-minute video.

Key Benefits of Acumatica Reporting and Business Intelligence Tools

Freedom to use your data however you like

Data analysis is not one-size-fits-all. How we use data often depends on the role we fill. So, Acumatica gives you a variety of options to choose from. You can quickly generate common reports for key staff using out-of-the-box reporting tools. Or, create a dashboard to give you one stop access to the metrics most important to you. Or, if you need to massage your data more or mix it with other sources, you can also export it to popular analysis tools, like Excel or power BI.


Keep sensitive data away from prying eyes

Adjust security settings for all your data in one place. Stop vital information from leaving the office. Ditch printed reports in favor of online ones.


Stop questioning the accuracy of your data

Acumatica uses one database to manage your whole business. So, there’s no need for error-prone duplicate data entry. It keeps the data you see in each application up-to-date in real time. At last, you can keep everyone on the same page without a lot of extra effort.

Why Acumatica Reporting and Business Intelligence?

Acumatica allows my focus to be more on the business rather than wondering where I go to find the information I need. Knowledge is power and the quicker you can get to the knowledge, the better off you are.

— Scott McCalla, Chief Strategy Officer, International Pipe & Supply, LLC

Acumatica Reporting and Business Intelligence Includes

Acumatica Generic Inquiries

Use these to extract data easily from Acumatica to use in other places including, reports, dashboards, Excel or other external applications.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Gather information from Acumatica and combine it with other external data sources for analysis in popular business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI.

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Module Specific Out-Of-The-Box Reports

Every Acumatica application comes with a complete set of reports to help you analyze the data it holds. In total, you get over 250 reports you can edit for your specific needs. And, should you need other reports, you can create your own.

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Bring together the metrics most important to a department, role or person. Click any of the items in your dashboard to get a closer look at the data behind it.
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