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Acumatica Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management System

Go from lead to cash with one fully integrated system.

Why Acumatica

It’s rare to find an ERP that offers its own cloud-based customer relationship management system. But the benefits of having an ERP and CRM that are woven together are undeniable. 

One, because the CRM system is part of Acumatica ERP, the two systems work together effortlessly, passing information from one to the other with no extra effort from you and your staff. So, you can see immediately how your sales and marketing efforts are impacting the bottom line. And, because they use the same database, you always know is up-to-date and correct. 

Two, Acumatica cloud-based customer relationship management system gives you and your team a 360° view of all customer interactions. When you open a client record, you can quickly see all their invoices, quotes and support cases in one place. 

Three, Data flows seamlessly between your ERP and CRM. So, building the reports you need to make smart business decisions is a breeze. 

Four, the included customer portals help you give your clients the self-help tools they want while reducing your support team’s workload. Make each person’s key account information accessible day or night, not just when someone is available to assist them. 

Get an inside look at the Acumatica CRM. Watch this four-minute overview video

Key benefits of Acumatica cloud-based customer relationship management system

Replace departmental silos with a team approach to sales

When they use separate systems, it’s easy for sales, marketing and service teams to build walls between themselves. Acumatica breaks these down. Finally, information can flow freely from one department to the next. Plus, unlimited user pricing makes it easy to give everyone access. And workflows handle common tasks, which frees up more time for collaboration.

See the whole picture, not just a single frame

Stop wasting time collecting data from multiple sources and piecing it together. Thanks to Acumatica’s single database, you can finally get a bird’s-eye view of your whole business. Understand what’s working from a marketing and sales perspective, so you can shift strategies before it’s too late.

Put the power of self service in your customer’s hands

Give your customers what they want. Many people prefer to search for the answers they need over speaking to a service rep. Deliver this without buying and learning a whole new system. Make the financial or support case information you choose available to each of your customers, any time, day or night.

Make contacting customer service and enjoyable experience for the customer

When a client has an issue that they can’t solve via the customer portal, they should not have to explain their issue to every customer service team member with whom they speak. Acumatica gives you a single place to store all information relating to each customer. So, it’s available to your whole service team when they need it. 

Plus, move leads through the sales cycle quicker than ever before. Easily create multiple quotes for single opportunity. And once the client accepts the quote, the system helps you create a sales order and invoice based on the quote. 

Sales team love Salesforce? Keep it and still enjoy real-time data

For those who already know and love salesforce or want to extend Acumatica’s CRM, here is great news. You can sync information between the two systems in real-time. That means, even if users are working simultaneously in both systems, your data stays up to date. And, if you need to export information from Acumatica such as leads, contacts, opportunities, business accounts, sale price lists and nonstock items, this is a snap. 

Update CRM records without leaving your inbox

Boost your productivity while improving the quality of your CRM data. Many people spend much of their workday inside Outlook. If you can relate, this plug-in is for you. It gives you the power to create new contacts and leads, build cases and opportunities, tie them to existing contacts, log activities and attach emails to records for future reference. 

Understand how each marketing campaign affects the bottom line

Make sure you spend your marketing dollars wisely. This simple idea requires carefully tracking a lot of data. Without the right system, much of it is not easily available. Acumatica allows you to track revenue and expenses related to each of your campaigns, even if you run several simultaneously. That way, you can see what’s working and what isn’t, and adjust your strategy. Note: this feature requires the Acumatica project accounting module (sold separately). 

Why Acumatica Customer Management?

Our customers don’t know that we’re using Acumatica, they just know we’re giving them the right answer and they really appreciate that. And for us to give that answer, we really appreciate Acumatica.

— Todd Snyder, President & CEO, C&O Nursery

Acumatica Customer Relationship Management Includes

Support and Service Automation

Delight clients with shortened response times. Lower support costs and improve billing accuracy. Create cases easily from web form inquiries or enter them manually. Assign cases to the right support personnel fast and escalate them based on policies you define.

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Sales Automation

Get a 360° view of every client interaction. Understand how each person’s experiences might affect their buying decision. Automate lead assignment and other key sales tasks.

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General Ledger

Create a central repository for all your accounting data. Connect it to the rest of your business for a real-time, 360° view of your financial health.

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Customer Self-Service Portals

Give your customers 24/7 access to their account information. Make it easy for them request help from your service team via an online support ticketing system. Keep them up-to-date on the status of their support requests.

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