Overcoming Change Resistance: Navigating the Human Side of Acumatica Implementation

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A cohesive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is necessary for any SMB. Enter Acumatica: a cloud-based ERP system that provides SMBs the tools to navigate the ever-changing business landscape seamlessly, providing access from anywhere to streamline business processes like a pro.

However, SMBs face one challenge during Acumatica implementation: the existence of change resistance and struggles to adapt to Acumatica’s various features and functions after years of using a different solution. Preventing change resistance is possible when you implement the right strategies to achieve success with your Acumatica ERP system.

This article will help you start by exploring the top factors contributing to change resistance with your cloud-based ERP solution and the best strategies to overcome resistance holding your team back from success. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Change Resistance

In its simplest form, change resistance describes the hesitancy and reluctance of employees to adopt new systems and adjust to organizational changes. Change resistance is the barriers employees face when navigating a changing environment—such as changes brought about by Acumatica implementation.

Change resistance can present a significant challenge for SMB executives, particularly because a lack of support during organizational changes causes at least 70% of all change initiatives to fail. Many factors, ranging from fear to finding comfort in traditional processes, contribute to this resistance.

During Acumatica implementation, mitigating the effects of change resistance is vital to ensuring cloud ERP implementation success—just ask Todd Kuhns, the Senior Director of Professional Services at Acumatica.

Factors Contributing to Change Resistance in Acumatica Implementation

Mitigating change resistance is the goal of any SMB executive switching to Acumatica’s cloud-based ERP solution. Below are some factors contributing to change resistance during Acumatica implementation to consider.

Complexity of the Software and Perceived Difficulty

Employees often resist adopting Acumatica because of the perceived complexity and difficulty of the software. Workers might feel reluctant to use Acumatica—particularly when they’ve already undergone intensive training for their current software solutions.

Luckily, Acumatica is relatively simple to use and doesn’t take too long to adjust to, especially with the proper training!

Lack of Clear Communication and Transparency

The second issue you might encounter during Acumatica implementation comes from a lack of clear communication and transparency during the implementation process. When leaders cannot communicate the steps to implementing and adjusting to a new solution, employees feel more reluctant to learn new software individually, causing unnecessary problems.

Fear of Job Displacement or Role Changes

Employees might also hesitate to adopt Acumatica because they fear being displaced from their positions or having a different role because technology fulfills their previous tasks. While Acumatica is essential to streamline several processes, employees should know that Acumatica’s cloud ERP software won’t diminish their roles—it’ll only enhance them!

Strategies to Overcome Change Resistance

Change resistance isn’t always avoidable, but there are plenty of ways to overcome resistance and ensure cloud ERP implementation success. Let’s explore key strategies for overcoming change resistance and guaranteeing your accounting implementation project is successful!

Understand Leadership’s Role

Leaders play a massive role in whether Acumatica implementation is successful. To ensure cloud ERP implementation success, leaders must understand their role in driving change and fostering a positive environment where employees feel confident and empowered about their abilities to use Acumatica.

Leaders and executives have the power to help employees feel comfortable with change—so never underestimate your ability to make a difference!

Effective Communication Strategies

Communication is key to Acumatica implementation. Without transparent communication, you can’t expect your implementation team to adjust to this significant change—so ensure you have a strategy to address concerns and misconceptions about the new software.

Some effective communication strategies include:

  • Notify employees about the change as early as possible to give them time to prepare.
  • Provide comprehensive training programs and workshops so employees can get hands-on experience using Acumatica’s features and functions.
  • Have a dedicated support team and take advantage of the fact that Acumatica offers ongoing support for your employees.
  • Set up feedback channels where employees can share any difficulties they might face with Acumatica.

Involve Employees In the Implementation Process

Ensuring employees are active participants during your accounting implementation project is critical to promoting success with Acumatica. Provide a comprehensive project plan that employees can follow to remain involved during implementation processes. Also, offer adequate training and support so Acumatica customers can feel confident in this new solution.

Showcase Success Stories

Inspiring confidence in your employees is critical to ensuring your Acumatica implementation success. When you navigate through the implementation process, inspire employees with proven success stories and case studies that show them the possibilities they can achieve with Acumatica’s cloud-based ERP solution—it’ll make your data migration plan much easier for employees because it shows them the end results of their efforts.

Tools and Resources for Successful Acumatica Implementation

Helping your implementation team navigate the real-time implementation process requires you to take advantage of the many tools and resources available for Acumatica ERP success. Some tools, resources, and support networks for Acumatica implementation include:

  • The Acumatica community, where you can find support resources and answers to common questions you may have during implementation
  • Acumatica Open University, where you can learn more about the Acumatica solution and how it can help your business
  • Acumatica events and webinars, where you’ll learn more about the many possibilities Acumatica unlocks for professionals
  • Your Acumatica partner, who provides ongoing support to ensure successful implementation and help your team navigate the process without experiencing as much resistance to change

Tips for Choosing the Right Acumatica Partner

Choosing the right Acumatica partner is a crucial step in ensuring successful implementation. Some suggestions for choosing the best Acumatica partner for your organization include:

  • Look for certifications and expertise
  • Choose a partner that offers continuous support and training resources
  • Seek client references and recommendations to ensure a partnership is beneficial to your business
  • Find partners with industry experience within your realm
  • Consider whether a partner’s services are scalable

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Acumatica serves many functions, from allowing you to share post resources to helping you navigate your general ledger and more. Intelligent Technologies, Inc. is a top Acumatica partner, ready to help you navigate your Acumatica implementation and avoid change resistance.

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