Looking for a Modern Dynamics SL Alternative? Meet Acumatica

Dynamics SL has long been an ERP of choice. But as the ERP market grows more crowded every year and new technologies emerge, many loyal Dynamics SL users wonder if it’s time for change. If you’re looking for a Dynamics SL alternative, you’re likely wondering which solution can give you the best feature set with the easiest transition.


For many Dynamics SL users, the answer to this question is Acumatica.

What is Acumatica?

Acumatica is the fastest growing cloud ERP. It delivers an all-in-one ERP/CRM to run your entire business from. A former CEO of Solomon software (creators of Dynamics SL) cofounded Acumatica. So, SL fans will see many similarities in the two systems, which can help to shorten the learning curve and lessen the amount of anxiety brought on by the change. This is a key reason Acumatica has become so popular among those searching for a Dynamics SL alternative.

How does Acumatica compare to Dynamics SL?

What do Dynamics SL and Acumatica have in common?

Full function ERPs

Run multiple departments on the same software, rather than having specific software tools for each.

Robust project accounting tools

Well-suited to consulting, financial services, manufacturing and other industries where project accounting is crucial.

Extendable with 3rd party add ons

 Add features not available out of the box. Adapt the system to your needs.

Out-of-the-box reporting

See what’s happening inside your business. Turn data into action.

Multiple deployment options

With Acumatica, you can choose SaaS, private cloud, or on premise. With dynamics SL, you can choose between a hosted or on-premise deployment.

How is Acumatica different?

  1. Acumatica offers mobility unmatched by Dynamics SL. Instead of being tethered to the office, you could access all your data with just a simple browser. No additional hardware or software required. So,


  • Field service reps could update the system in between appointments with nothing more than a tablet or smartphone. This simple change makes an ERP much more user friendly, which boosts staff productivity and improves the quality of your ERP data.
  • Your staff can work from anywhere without missing a beat. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we must prepare for the unexpected. That’s exactly what true mobility offers. You can finally peace of mind that even if something terrible goes wrong, your operations won’t come to a grinding halt.


  1. Acumatica offers an open architecture which means connecting it to the other web-based tools to your business counts on is quick and easy, without extensive customizations.
  2. Acumatica delivers many features out of the box that require third-party add-ons with Dynamics SL. A few examples include:
  • Automation schedules
  • Email
  • Shopping for shipping carrier rates
  • Automatic set up and adding of tracking numbers to shipments


  1. Acumatica offers a native CRM. This feature separates it not only from Dynamics SL but also from almost every other ERP product on the market. There are many benefits to this approach.


  • Tearing down departmental silos. Get your entire staff working on the same system. So, leaders can easily see how their decisions impact the bottom line, as they watch data flow seamlessly from one department to the next.
  • Improving the clarity of marketing and sales data. Sometimes, it’s hard to know which marketing and sales tactics are working. But with Acumatica, you can follow your opportunities from their very first contact with you all the way to deal close and beyond. So, you can see what tactics are working rather than guessing.
  • Saving on licensing costs and integration complexities. With Dynamics SL, if you want to add a CRM, you must buy additional software (which requires its own user license). But that’s only part of the battle. Unless you have the internal IT resources to do it yourself, you must hire an outside consultant to help you connect the two systems. This is not only costly, it can cause blind spots if there areas of the systems that still cannot communicate freely with one another.

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A few more key differentiators between Acumatica and Dynamics SL

The latest Microsoft technology

Enhancement updates twice a year

Easy to use self-service reporting


Customizable UI and workflows

No per-user pricing; charged only for resources used

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