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How to Measure ERP Performance

Written by Laura Schomaker

February 9, 2023

When you invest in a solution as comprehensive as ERP, you naturally want to understand how well it’s working. How to measure ERP performance? There are several ways.

With ERP affecting almost every facet of a business, there are many directions you can look to measure the success of your ERP. If you want to measure ERP performance, consider asking yourself:

How healthy are your timelines?

ERP solutions such as Acumatica help you improve business operations and increase efficiency. This should mean that you are seeing fewer last-minute rushes in every department. Are large projects coming in on schedule? Are products getting to customers on time or faster than ever?

If your business processes are more efficient than ever, chances are your ERP solution is delivering.

How is customer satisfaction?

The customer experience doesn’t exist only in direct interactions with the customer—you know this. It involves a long chain of separate business functions, all which ERP software touches.

For that reason, one of the clearest indicators of ERP performance is customer satisfaction. Have important key performance metrics related to customer satisfaction gone up? Then your ERP may well be delivering.

What’s going on with your IT costs?

Modern ERP systems are generally user-friendly. So, it should reduce the number of work hours your IT team must put into troubleshooting and helping your ERP users. Also, as a unifying technology it eliminates the need for multiple, separate software solutions, reducing instances of errors (which can rack up work hours) and eliminating the cost of additional licenses and updates. 

What do your employees think?

How are your staff feeling about their workflows since your ERP project finished, and are they satisfied with their overall work environments? As a collaborative solution, ERP can improve workplace culture; as an automating solution, it should also reduce instances of manual entry that can be tedious and frustrating. Check in with your team to see how much ERP ROI you are getting from a happier and more productive team.

And how’s revenue?

What are the bottom line and other important metrics that your finance team tracks looking? ERP works to help you achieve your business goals by streamlining operations, enhancing collaboration, and increasing productivity. All of this should cause a revenue increase and related cost savings.

Want to learn more about how to measure measuring ERP success? Download our ebook on the topic today.

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