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In order to succeed in today’s challenging manufacturing industry, you must link actual demand to production. So, if all that your current manufacturing ERP software can provide is historical data, you’re limiting your ability to respond to changing demands. However, it is possible to gain access to the real time data you need to stay competitive. The manufacturing ERP software we offer can help improve your business insight, and as a result drive down costs and boost revenue.

At Intelligent Technologies, Inc., we have extensive experience helping companies like yours succeed in the manufacturing industry. The user friendly manufacturing ERP software we offer can integrate with your existing systems and help you:

  • Improve operational efficiency making you better equipped to handle changing demands, shorter product lifecycles, and increased complexity.
  • Encourage innovation with improved collaboration and increased visibility into operations, supply chain and the customer experience.
  • Increase productivity and manage rapid life cycles by giving employees easy access to role-specific information.
  • Provide employees the role specific information they need to Increase efficiency and handle short product life cycles.
  • Increase agility so that you can respond more quickly and accurately to new opportunities.


Solution we recommend for manufacturing companies

Acumatica Cloud ERP or Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Acumatica Cloud ERP
Acumatica offers a complete manufacturing solution that connects your entire business from end to end. It utilizes JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software (JAMS) which integrates each of Acumatica’s suites, including Financial, Project Accounting, Distribution Management, and Customer Relationship Management to deliver a complete and powerful solution for a variety of manufacturers, including make-to-order, make-to-stock, engineer-to-order, job shop, project centric, batch, and repetitive manufactures.

With JASS and Acumatica you can:

  • Manage and monitor shop floor schedules, finite and infinite work center capacity.
  • Rearrange schedules to meet customer commitments with ease.
  • Share real time information between departments.
  • Utilize drag and drop drag-and-drop configurator to configure product features and options quickly and efficiently.
  • Connect with Acumatica’s project accounting suite to track production costs at the project level and compare actual costs to a user-defined budget. Additionally, production orders can be associated directly as a task to a project or produced to stock.
  • Receive support for document control, complaints and non-conformance (CAPA & NCR) management, inspection and SPC, and audit management.
  • Draft estimates for new or existing items and display the cost of the estimate. Estimates can also be converted into bills of material, production orders, and/or another estimate.
Microsoft Dynamics GP

Business management

  • Achieve company-wide coordination with ease.
  • Heighten operational efficiency and lower the cost of doing business.
  • Save time and effort by automating and integrating manual processes.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to try new strategies.
  • Be ready seize new opportunities.


Sales forecasting

  • Review last year’s sales.
  • Revise forecasts quickly.
  • Use forecasts to create a Master Production Schedule (MPS).


Material requirements planning

  • Plan for material needs with ease using the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) graphical user interface.
  • Understand the source of the demand using MRP Quantity Pegging.


Sales configuration

  • Simplify the ordering process for customers.
  • Deliver customized products more easily.
  • Set up a single, all inclusive bill of materials (BOM).
  • Accurately compute the cost of finished goods.
  • Approximate manufacturing completion dates.


Manufacturing order processing

  • Pinpoint routings that meet user defined criteria.
  • Track a wide variety of useful metrics including labor and machine capacity, worker skills, scheduled work hours/shifts, and fixed as well as variable overhead.
  • Visualize trends that need to be addressed during production


Bills of materials (BOMs)

  • Keep an active BOM for each finished good.
  • Update entries, change revision levels, retain revision histories, and adjust bill of materials categories as needed.
  • Track critical components of subassemblies using phantom BOMs.


Quality assurance

  • Keep tabs on quality issues with raw-materials.
  • Setup step-by-step procedures, define acceptable-quality-levels and disposition codes.
  • Utilize flexible sampling procedures.


Job costing

  • Spot variances and unreasonable cost contributors using a variety of included analysis tools.
  • Avoid mistakes; eliminate the need for duplicate entries.


Materials management

  • Improve control over the entire chain of requisitions and approvals.
  • Deliver comprehensive inventory tracking.
  • Ensure the right inventory is available as needed.


Financial management

  • Automate transaction processing and payment adjustments.
  • Improve financial controls with complete audit trails.
  • Organize financial information using accounting structures that adjust to meet business needs.
    Design Excel-based budget templates.
  • Carry out dimensional analysis of sales, and purchase and financial, transactions.
  • Create and deliver critical data to decision makers in the form of refreshable reports.
  • Simplify payables and receivables handling.

Need more insight into your customer data? You may want to consider adding Dynamics CRM to your manufacturing ERP software. It connects directly with Dynamics GP and:

  • Delivers consistent data across teams and departments.
  • Integrates customer data bidirectionally.

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