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How To Get the Best ROI From Your ERP Implementation

Written by Laura Schomaker

February 3, 2023

When choosing any new ERP software, you are looking to see improvements in your business processes. But of equal importance is a return on your ERP investment. With any implementation, your own efforts affect your return on investment (ROI) as much as the solution itself. The following tips will help you answer the question, how to get the best ROI from your ERP implementation and discover strategies for experiencing the true benefits of this dynamic technology.

Gather a Team

ERP is a holistic solution and requires input from a wide range of your employees. They will help you identify your needs and pain points and help during training and implementation. Your project manager should choose various members of your staff to join your ERP selection team, keeping in mind that you want people from as many departments as possible.

Identify What You Need

What about your existing solutions is letting you down? Where have employees asked for help?

Use the planning phase of your ERP implementation process to see exactly where an ERP system can step in and solve your pain points. Anything from automating manual processes to making collaboration easier can factor in. This is where the voices of your diverse team can really deliver and help to get you on the path to ROI.

Choose the Right Kind of ERP

Selecting the right solution and ERP vendor for your business is perhaps the best way to optimize ROI. Forcing a fit is almost a recipe for not getting a return on your investment. Instead, investigate industry-specific solutions or a customized ERP.

If your requirements fit into a standard ERP solution, great. Knowing the right fit is the most important part when looking to maximize ROI.

Schedule Training for Your Team

When you choose the right ERP solution for your needs, training shouldn’t be a struggle when the solution you chose complements existing workflows and helps to improve process and worker efficiency. That isn’t to say, however, that users won’t need training at all.

Sure, training may take people away from their usual day-to-day duties temporarily. But giving them the time they need to learn from the start will pay dividends in reduced frustration and increased user adoption rates.

Choose the Right Partner

At every step along the way, the right partner can help guide the process to make it as efficient as possible. By working with a great ERP partner, you can help guarantee that everything from planning to data migration and implementation goes smoothly and delivers a healthy rate of return.

Ready to see how the right ERP can add real, measurable value to your business? Try this handy return on investment calculator from Acumatica.

For more ERP buying advice from our expert team, visit our resource center.

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