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ERP Usability: Why it’s Such an Important ERP Selection Factor and Which Vendors Get It Right

Written by Laura Schomaker

June 23, 2022

ERP usability is and should be a central consideration in any ERP selection process. As a holistic solution, ERP software needs to improve the user experience across multiple silos, adding value to performance and metrics in every department from sales to production. In this blog post, we’re going to look at just why ERP usability is such an important ERP selection factor. Plus, which vendors get the ideal mix of usability just right.

Defining ERP Usability

To start, let’s look at a workable definition of ERP usability. What does usability mean in an ERP solution? Overall, the concept involves four subcategories related to “use,” and the user experience, including:

  • ease of use
  • ease of administration
  • how easily a solution meets requirements
  • average user adoption

Ease of use is quite obvious: an ERP solution’s UI should provide users with the most intuitive and easy UX possible. Ease of administration addresses how well a solution deploys across a company and improves internal processes. An ERP solution should also be able to meet all or most of a business’ requirements to deliver on ERP usability. Finally, we also must consider how readily and widely users adopt and “adapt” to the solution, implementing it into their daily workflows.

The Vendors that Deliver

Recently, G2 conducted a user survey to assess a wide range of ERP solutions in terms of usability. This survey collected data from user community reviews, online sources, and social networks in a unique, patent-pending algorithm to calculate a product’s Usability score. They awarded badges to products for: Best Usability (highest overall Usability score), Easiest to Use (highest ease of use rating), Easiest Admin (highest ease of admin score), and Best Meets Requirements (highest meets requirements score).

Who delivered? Acumatica ranked near the top, with an overall Usability Score of 8.73 or 87%. The popular ERP solution performed in the high 80s in all categories, with an impressive 88% in terms of how well it meets requirements. Respondents rating Acumatica were from a wide range of industries, including construction, retail, wholesale, and IT, demonstrating just how diverse a solution it is.

Get Started with Acumatica and Enjoy the Benefits of ERP Usability

Acumatica consistently proves itself as a leader in the world of ERP, so its performance is no surprise to those familiar with ERP and what it can do. If you’d like to learn more about Acumatica and how it delivers on ERP usability and more, contact us today. We can help you implement Acumatica to improve usability, increase performance, revenues and more.

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